Annabel Owen

Annabel graduated with a major in Professional Writing and Publishing and Creative Writing at Curtin University. She plays guitar and wishes she was a mermaid. She has her own blog at

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5 Reasons New Year's Eve Is The Worst Holiday And We Should All Skip It

I can't stand New Year's Eve. Like, I actually might even hate it... Yep, I hate it. If you are one of those people who simply love New Year's, with all its drinking, resolutions and frantic "who am I going to kiss at midnight" extravaganzas, I advi…
By Annabel Owen

10 Ways Traveling Together Early In Your Relationship Puts It To The Test

Traveling with a partner is exciting and ultimately unavoidable. Many would argue traveling with a love interest is something that should come much later on -- once the couple is comfortable and in a stable place in the relationship. But I disagree. …
By Annabel Owen

7 Reasons Hooking Up With A Coworker Will Never End In The Relationship You Want

Aside from literally sh*tting where you eat (because that would be foul and stupid), there are plenty of other examples this metaphor applies to. In this instance, I’m referring to Barney Stinson’s platinum rule, “Never ever, ever, ever, love thy nei…
By Annabel Owen

4 Reasons Living The Single Life Makes You More Cultured

It's hard to be single in a world filled with Facebook anniversary posts, bae selfies on Snapchat and coffee date pictures on Instagram. I am the only single girl in my group of friends. Sometimes, this is a great thing. And sometimes, this is not. W…
By Annabel Owen