Anna Idler


Anna is a Contributing Writer living in Philadelphia. Right now she's probably reading National Geographic articles and is dangerously close to booking a plane ticket somewhere. Read more of her work at

Healthy, Curious And Bold: 3 Commandments For Living Your Best Life

By Anna Idler
Fellow wanderlusters, you know this situation all too well. You're at your job, shooting off emails and being productive, but you're also simultaneously cruising the Expedia homepage. You're scanning flight routes, testing out different departure…

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose To Travel With Friends

By Anna Idler
I’m currently reading an incredible collection of travel essays called, "An Innocent Abroad," and I was struck by one of the pieces entitled, “The Paris Tattoo,” by Ann Patchett. Patchett spent a summer in Europe in 1983 with her…

Stand Up to Sitting: Why Taking a Walk Should Be On Your Office To-Do List

By Anna Idler
Sitting is a part of life, one that is simply unavoidable. We sit in class in school and listen to our teachers. We sit on the couch with our roommates and glasses of wine after a long day. We sit on a plane while we’re en route to exploring a new…

How Getting Lost In The Costa Rican Jungle Helped Me Find Myself

By Anna Idler
In 2012, I learned a couple things: 1) People aren’t kidding when they say college is the fastest four years of your life, and 2) the quarter-life crisis is real, even at just 22. Graduating was this massive looming milestone, one I thought I’d been…

Cowabunga, Dude: 6 Surfing Rules That Taught Me About Life

By Anna Idler
When I was growing up, it was my cousin Myles who first introduced me to the surfing term, “dawn patrol.” Back then, he defined it as hitting me with pillows at 6 am at our grandparents’ shore house in Stone Harbor, NJ until I got out of bed and…