Ankita Singh


Completed Post Graduation in Journalism from Xavier Institute of Communications Mumbai. Love to eat, read and read to eat,TV addict, dog hugger and shoes lover.

Turmeric Lattes Are The One Drink You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Having

By Ankita Singh
We Indians been forced to gulp it down under the watchful eyes of our parents throughout our childhood. But now, the rest of the world has elevated our humble "haldi doodh" – turmeric milk is the literal translation – to some fancy-sounding, posh…

Millennials Aren't Lazy Or Entitled, But We Were Set Up To Fail

By Ankita Singh
Not too long ago an article carried by a popular website on the financial misery of India's urban Millennials generated furore and fury in equal measure among India's digital denizens. Needless to say, there was much tweeting and typing in the…

5 Things Millennials Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask For In The Workplace

By Ankita Singh
It's never overreacting to ask for what you want and need. — Amy Poehler Many Millennials want certain office perks, but they're afraid to ask for them. An office with a yoga room, perhaps? An unchecked supply of food would certainly be helpful.…

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting India's Living Tree Root Bridges

By Ankita Singh
In Northeast India, Meghalaya's tree root bridges are unlike any other. In Cherrapunjee (which was once the wettest place on Earth until the neighboring Mawsynram took over), the locals have trained the roots of Ficus elastica to extend outwards to…

How The Expectations Placed On Millennials Have Set Them Up For Failure

By Ankita Singh
In April 2015, a young employee at Goldman Sachs jumped to his death from an apartment building. Sarvshreshth Gupta was only 22. In May 2015, Thomas Hughes, a 29-year-old employee of Moelis & Co., also jumped from an apartment building to end his…

Why Religion Is The Hardest Barrier Women Must Overcome For Gender Equality

By Ankita Singh
In most cultures and religions, protocols regarding faith are applied more strictly to women than men, especially when it comes to places of worship or of religious importance. Women are segregated in mosques, some temples prohibit women from…

Why The Debate On Period Pain Leave Is Painting Women's History Month Red

By Ankita Singh
There's a huge debate in the women's sections of most major media publications, and it's not just because it's Women's History Month. It's been fueled by the decision of a Bristol-based company called Coexist to introduce a period leave policy for…