Angela Ruhinda


Angela Ruhinda is a comedy writer from Tanzania. When she's not writing spec scripts, creating web shows or contributing articles to Elite Daily, she's Insta-stalking her favorite celebrities for sport.

Fall Preview: 7 New Primetime Shows To Anxiously Await Next Season

By Angela Ruhinda
It’s that magical time of year again! No, it’s not Christmas; it’s so much better than that. Summer is almost over, but fall is on the way. That means there will be new television shows for us to binge on. So, I did you all the favor of breaking…

10 Ways Every Woman Can Relate To The French Film, 'Girlhood'

By Angela Ruhinda
Sisterhood is universal, there’s no doubt about it. The need to bond with other girls, ladies and women who are experiencing the same things you are, is very real. It is no surprise that a French film called ‘‘Girlhood’’ was a big hit on the Indie…

5 'Lip Sync Battle' Matchups That Would Literally Break The Internet

By Angela Ruhinda
"Lip Sync Battle" is the TV show we never knew we wanted, and now we need to see it every week. What started out as a segment on "The Tonight Show" has quickly become must-see TV. There is something about watching our favorite celebrities let loose…

6 Reasons 'Empire' Is The Best Show On Television

By Angela Ruhinda
"Empire" is undeniably the biggest Network TV sensation we’ve witnessed in years. The hit Fox drama series has been shattering records and dominating the ratings for six weeks in a row. If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t seen the show, which…

B*tch, I Quit: Seven Songs To Play When You Quit Your Awful Job

By Angela Ruhinda
We’ve all seen the viral video of Marina Shifrin chucking the deuces to her boss via YouTube due to feeling dissatisfied. What Marina did was not only brave, but it was also inspiring and creative. I know a few people who wish they could just quit…

The Five Reasons Why Jimmy Kimmel's Twerking Video Prank Was Successful

By Angela Ruhinda
Pranks can be humiliating, but they can also teach you a lot about yourself. A lot of people, including myself, fell victim to an Internet prank that actually wasn’t orchestrated by Ashton Kutcher as a segment for “Punk’d.” Who was the mastermind…