Angel Key


A recent college graduate who studied broadcast journalism and art with a specification in political science communication.

Why Jumping Into The Unknown Is The Best Thing You'll Ever Do

By Angel Key
What if, one day, you had an epic moment, sat back in a chair, and finally said to yourself, “Screw it”? I just had that moment. I wouldn’t call it giving up on myself or on my personal outlooks. Rather, I would consider it an empowering moment and…

How Social Media Is Ruining The Authenticity Of Generation-Y

By Angel Key
In our current global society, technology is advancing at extremely high rates. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or touchscreen computer, we are all attracted to communicating in the fastest ways possible. Do you remember when the first iPod hit the…

Confessions Of A Mistress: Why Men Cheat And What It Can Do To A Person

By Angel Key
We all have those intimate feelings of wanting to be loved by someone we can’t have; someone we desire only from a distance, as we secretly get to know him or her from the sidelines. Being a mistress is neither a side job nor an accident. It is an…

The 10 Things All College Seniors Should Do In Their Last Semester

By Angel Key
Class of 2014: this one is for you. Yes those of you who are in panic about the future that lies ahead — especially after finally receiving that diploma. Senior year can be stressful because it means realizing that the time to embrace real…

How To Secure The New Year's Kiss You Always Dreamed Of

By Angel Key
It’s that time of the year again! Time to look over the past 12 months and reflect upon whether or not we’ve honored our resolutions. Regardless of how you feel you fared, take a moment to identify your triumphs and accomplishments throughout the…

Party Girl Intervention: When To Throw In The Towel On Being 'That Girl'

By Angel Key
It’s senior year in college, and it’s one of last times in our youth that we will ever get away with the crazy things we’ve done. Whether it’s streaking through the university pond, hooking up in the library, or finally making a move on the guy…