Amir Motahari

A young entrepreneur and undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. His passion resides in tech startups and anything thats impact driven.

Recent Articles

How Diversity And Execution Can Lead To A Better World Of Entrepreneurs

How the world functions and how it grew to what it is today has always fascinated me. I wanted to be able to see the bigger picture, how the everyday individual in society collectively made an impact. Steve Jobs once said, Life can be much broader on…
By Amir Motahari

Surrounding Yourself With The Right Company Is The Key To Success

You will eventually become a product of the people who surround you; that’s something I learned the hard way. Every one of us has a story and they all contain ups and downs; choices in which we take pride in and decisions we regret making. These coul…
By Amir Motahari

The Difference Between Dreamers And Doers When It Comes To Entrepreneurship

The daydreamers sit down and think about what they could do but never follow through. They are individuals who constantly talk about how they want to create the next big thing, or have an idea that will revolutionize the world. As time goes by, they …
By Amir Motahari

Why Chasing Money Won't Lead To Long-Term Success

Now let’s make something clear…the perception of ‘rich’ all comes down to the individual. Those who say they want to get rich usually know that its true form originates from passion and hard work. It is the passion itself that leads to one's wealth. …
By Amir Motahari