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4 Signs Your Guy Is Too Into Himself To Be In A Relationship With You

By Amelia Coggin
I find men who are both confident and ambitious irresistibly sexy. Could this dangerously alluring cocktail of the male species be the reason my love life is in shambles 99 percent of the time? Most likely. My perilous taste in these types of men…

5 Things I Learned About My Body After 5 Weeks Of Sobriety

By Amelia Coggin
What is it about alcohol that makes it so appealing? Excessive drinking has a funny way of numbing unwanted emotions, masking your mile-long to-do list and at times, causing us to live in a blissfully unaware state of mind. There comes a day in…

5 Reasons Your 20s Aren't Meant To Withstand A Serious Relationship

By Amelia Coggin
It seems like every time I log onto a social media website, I see someone I went to high school with is either pregnant with her second child, getting engaged to a significant other or already settling for divorce. Coincidentally, almost every…

Best Things In Life Are Free: 4 Reasons Material Items Will Never Add Up

By Amelia Coggin
It’s Saturday morning and you pick up a dozen doughnuts. Not because they will nourish your body, but for the sole reason you think they will make your brain light up with good feelings. You still date that lame guy who is a complete assh*le because…

Strong, Athletic, Sexy: 5 Ways Weightlifting Helped Me Love My Body

By Amelia Coggin
When a woman first dipped her toes into the weightlifting world, she was told she would become three things: muscular, masculine and, my personal favorite, strong. Women were perpetually told to stay out of the weight room, as if being a muscular…

Loving Dangerously: Why You Have To Let Go Of Those Who Reject Help

By Amelia Coggin
When love hurts, it hurts.  A very special kind of hurt is loving someone who has completely lost touch with reality. What do you do when your lover, who was once filled with passion and ambition, has been replaced by a lost and fairly disconnected…