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Amber Petty is a Los Angeles based writer who covers quirky, fun products and personal essays for Bustle. Amber writes for Thrillist, Parade, Greatist, IFC and once covered pickle news for Snooki's blog. She truly lives a glamorous life. When she's not writing, Amber is a master of karaoke, loves knitting hats and tiny cute animals, and tries to get better at grain-free baking. Find out more at or @AmberNPetty on Instagram.

21 Bizarre But Brilliant Products On Amazon People Are Losing It Over

By Amber Petty
People are "losing it" on the internet all the time. Whether it's the next Marvel movie or Trump's latest tweet, it's never hard to find people screaming online about their vehement opinions. But the internet's fevered excitement isn't always bad.…

14 Irresistibly Satisfying Products You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

By Amber Petty
Gak is back! Ok, the actual Nickelodeon goop isn't terribly popular with adults, but all kinds of weird, gloopy, squeeze-y, and satisfying things on Amazon are there for us to experiment with. Basically, if there's a product that's cool-looking or…

10 Genius Sex Toys To Help Couples Orgasm At The Same Time

By Amber Petty
For some people, reaching an orgasm can be tough enough on its own, but reaching it at the same time as your partner? It can feel impossible. Since every body has a radically different time table for getting off, why not try some genius sex toys…

10 Genius Ways To Prevent Thigh Chafing That Actually Work

By Amber Petty
A walk on the beach is great — until you realize that your inner thighs are the same color as a freshly boiled lobster. When it comes to chafing, the struggle is real — and it sucks. If your thighs touch, as mine do, there is absolutely nothing to…

11 Bizarre But Brilliant Sex Toys You Won't Believe People Are Buying On Amazon

By Amber Petty
When you make your list of things to buy on Amazon, it might include books, kitchen tools, or beauty products. It probably doesn't include a wide array of sex toys. But it should! Amazon might be known for their extensive novel selection or…

35 Genius Gifts For Dads Who Say They Don't Want Anything

By Amber Petty
On Valentine's Day, you can always buy your partner chocolate. For Mother's Day, a spa gift certificate is a safe bet. But gifts for dads? The standard go-to Father's Day gift is a tie, and it's pretty lame. Then again, dads usually make gift giving…