Amar Hussain

Founder of Gap Year Escape , 7 continent world traveller since '09, author, digital nomad, pug lover and peanut M&M connoisseur.

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10 Unusual Ways To Travel Around The World For Free

Traveling the world doesn't have to mean draining your bank account if you're savvy, know how to find a good deal and are willing to sacrifice a little comfort. In fact, you can travel basically for free -- if you know the right tricks and are willi…
By Amar Hussain

50 Bite-Sized Pieces Of Travel Advice For Your Next Adventure

I don't really believe in travel experts. We could be in the same place at the same time and still have completely different experiences. Having said that, I've been lucky enough to have traveled to all seven continents over the last seven years, whi…
By Amar Hussain