Amanda Redwood


Amanda Redwood spares no feelings. This persona deals with dating and sex in the most crass and blunt ways possible, making sure that you stay entertained as well as informed.

The Sex Scenes We Can't Wait To See In The '50 Shades' Movie

By Amanda Redwood
Everyone knows that the book is always entirely better than the movie. Whether it’s because we pictured the characters differently in our minds or the scenes were completely altered, that fact cannot be argued. When it comes to our favorite books,…

Why Won't She Call You Her Boyfriend?

By Amanda Redwood
Earlier this week, we were presented with an explanation as to why a guy won’t call you his girlfriend. While this explores the reasons behind men’s intentions, I think it’s important to explore the reasons behind the female’s mentality. While most…

Don't Worry, 'There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea'

By Amanda Redwood
This phrase is one we casually toss around whenever we want to console ourselves or a friend after a breakup. This timeless cliché can be applied to unsuccessful relationships or basically any failed endeavor, really. Didn’t land the job you wanted?…

Is 'Opposites Attract' A Recipe For Disaster?

By Amanda Redwood
We have all heard the saying ‘opposites attract,’ but does this popular adage hold any true value? Can opposites actually be compatible in different sorts of relationships? This concept can be applied and evaluated in a platonic sense, as well as…

The Game: Guys May Play It, But We Invented It

By Amanda Redwood
The game: everyone bitches about it, but sadly everyone engages in it. The game is the art of acting evasive through text messages, personal exchanges and in-person encounters. We strive to act disinterested in hopes that this will make the person…

Why Your Kill Count Shouldn't Matter

By Amanda Redwood
Do you care how many people your partner has slept with? In a world of growing sexual promiscuity, the days where girls could count the number of their sexual partners on one hand is long gone. Sure there may be unicorns out there, but for the…

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

By Amanda Redwood
Would you want your partner to tell you if they had cheated? What if it were a drunken mistake? Would you tell your partner if you cheated? Honestly many people only admit to indiscretions to relieve themselves of their own guilt. Do you REALLY…