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5 Signs The Person You Are Dating Actually Likes You

By Amanda Jo
I don't know if it's a Southern California thing, or perhaps just a loneliness thing, but has anyone else noticed how much dating bullsh*t some people are enduring just to avoid being alone? If I had a dollar for every time a friend has called me…

5 Easy Ways To Be A Better Version Of Yourself In Every Aspect Of Your Life

By Amanda Jo
Growing up is a strange process, but, I must admit, I'm really enjoying it. With each passing day, I find myself caring less and less about the superficial things I once loved and instead, caring more about the things that actually matter in life:…

Things To Consider Before Taking Them Back

By Amanda Jo
Being 30 years old and still single, I've done my fair share of dating and breaking up. But, in the wake of a newly disintegrated relationship, I’ve found that most guys end up running back, begging for more. At first, this flattered me, as it felt…

What Women Want When It Comes to Dating

By Amanda Jo
Finding a man who actually knows how to court and date can be pretty tricky. While there are some amazing guys out there who don't need any help, it seems that the majority of men desperately do. It’s tough to know if guys do know how to date and…

The Truth About Finding "The One"

By Amanda Jo
I really do love the Internet. As much as I try to convince myself that it's an annoying waste of time, there truly are many valuable lessons to be learned here. One of my favorite things to debate and to discuss online is dating and love because…

Coffee Dates Shouldn't Exist Anymore

By Amanda Jo
Ahh, the good old fashioned "we should grab coffee" invitation. I swear, I get asked out on coffee dates several times a week and honestly, I'm not sure why? I would rather poke my own eyes out than sit in a cramped Starbucks, in the middle of the…

GMO Foods Are Killing Us

By Amanda Jo
If you are active on social media these days then you see that living a fit, healthy lifestyle is now the “cool” thing to be doing. It seems like people who have never cared about health and fitness before are now making the effort to improve their…

The Types Of Men You'll Encounter In Southern California

By Amanda Jo
I was definitely born in the wrong era because trying to date in 2012, especially in Southern California, simply makes me want to cry. Forget phone calls and flowers, consider yourself lucky to get a text or even the time of day from a Cali guy. I…