Amanda Epstein


Amanda is a retired D1 college soccer player who continues to eat like she's an athlete. She enjoys laying in bed and watching Netflix, traveling, and being sarcastic at all times. Follow her on Instagram so she can get more likes: @amandaeps

4 Things I Learned After Getting A Traditional Henna Tattoo As An American

By Amanda Epstein
Before you start reading this, I just want to quickly clear up one thing: I am not talking about the heart-shaped spray tattoos you'd usually get on a beach during spring break. I'm talking about the real thing, the traditional Indian form of body…

How To Survive Alumni Weekend: 5 Dos And Don'ts Of Your Alma Mater

By Amanda Epstein
It's that time of year again. For a few short days, you can relive your youthful, collegiate time, and pretend your dreadful adult life didn't somehow manage to sneak up on you and ruin your carefree mentality forever. This is the only time it's…

4 Ways To Bring Your Passion To The Forefront When It's Hard To Find

By Amanda Epstein
As early as kindergarten, we find ourselves getting pestered with the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Unless you are one of the very few people who actually became a veterinarian, odds are, your answers have changed every…

Pediatric Cancer Awareness: How Athletes Can Help Make A Difference

By Amanda Epstein
In 2015, about 10,380 children will be diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, this number continues to rise year after year. And yet, pediatric cancer seems to be continuously overlooked in society. As we all know too well, cancer not only…

Why We Must Remember To Appreciate Our Pets While They're Still Here

By Amanda Epstein
Every year on my birthday, I made the same wish: I wished for a puppy. Growing up, I had my fair share of hamsters and goldfish, but all I really wanted was my face licked, a wagging tail and a belly to rub. When I was 12, my dream came true. My mom…

Why Millennials Are Thrilled With Kristen Stewart's Comments On Sexuality

By Amanda Epstein
Kristen Stewart, thank you for saying what I thought I was the only one thinking: "I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don't think it's necessary to figure out if you're gay or straight. It's like, just…