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I'm obsessed with my puppy, working out, and online shopping. I love skittles, Chipotle, white wine and puppy kisses. Fluent in sarcasm. Insta @alyxverde

5 Life Hacks For Staying Fit During The Dreary Winter Months

There's literally nothing worse than waking up in the morning to a dark, bitter day, going to work and coming home to another dark, dreary night. The only thing I'm motivated to do is curl up in a fleece blanket, eat pasta and watch "SVU" reruns. It'…
By Alyx Green

Unplugged And Tuned In: 4 Stages Of Abandoning My Phone For The Weekend

Did you know there's an actual phobia of being without your phone? Well, I did. Do you know why? Because I suffer from nomophobia. When I was in my car running an errand, I realized I didn't have my phone and turned around to go get it. It felt wrong…
By Alyx Green

5 Ways To Get Yourself An Adult Hobby (That Doesn't Involve Drinking)

I recently experienced a traumatizing moment when a guy told me "to get a hobby." First of all, no. Second of all, what the actual f*ck? I was so caught off guard and flustered. I stumbled over my words. It felt awkward and unnatural having to defend…
By Alyx Green

What Do You Mean? 4 Times Girls Just Want You To Try A Little Harder

So it seems Justin Bieber is all grown up now, and is speaking for the men of the world. I will admit, his new song, “What Do You Mean?” is a jam. I love the Biebs. This isn’t about him; it’s about all men. This is a PSA, a “how to get through at lea…
By Alyx Green