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Writer, traveler, TV junkie, and coffee lover.

All About Nostalgia: Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Halloween

By Alyssa Evans
Every year, when the first of October hits, there’s a shift in the air and the distant voice of childhood is calling. Green leaves turn to golden browns, boots and scarves are pulled from the depths of our closets and farmer's markets begin stacking…

Nature And Stuff: 9 Reasons To Prioritize A Camping Trip This Summer

By Alyssa Evans
With the arrival of summer comes a growing desire to get away, jump in the car, roll the windows down, turn the music up and drive until we reach the shoreline. With the beautiful, warm weather and longer, breezy nights, it’s the best time of year…

Good And Bad, Thick And Thin: 6 Reasons Your Mom Is Your Lifelong BFF

By Alyssa Evans
Throughout your life, you’ll have dozens of friends and loved ones who make lasting impressions on you. But, there is only one woman, one superhero-like lady, who has been there for you since the moment you entered this world. She's been with you…

Going The Distance: 5 Ways To Make Your LDR Work, Despite Stereotypes

By Alyssa Evans
Long-distance relationships are not always easy. Whether it’s different schools, towns, states or countries, your relationship can be more challenging than most. It’s hard, and it’s not for everyone. We’ve all heard the horror stories or experienced…

Why We Should Cherish The Bookstore Experience In The Digital Age

By Alyssa Evans
We live in a digital world and traditions of the past are quickly fading out to make way for technological substitutes. Jobs that were once executed by humans are being replaced with machines, and malls have seen rapid declines because of online…

Why Virginity Didn't Deserve The Attention It Got On 'The Bachelor'

By Alyssa Evans
Though I'm undoubtedly not the first to say it, "The Bachelor" isn’t the most intellectually stimulating or traditionally romantic television show out there. But, there’s something about it that keeps people all across America tuning in every Monday…