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I Met My Boyfriend Wasted And It's The Best Relationship I've Ever Been In

During the week of my 23rd birthday I was in the height of my Tinder phase. I had become disenchanted by the process of modern dating and began to accept my fate as perpetual “cool girl,” who juggled noncommittal fuckboys and never let her true emoti…
By Alyssa Chiossone

Being A 'Loser' In High School Only Made The Rest Of My Life Better

Back in the days of Myspace, AIM and T9 texting, I was a socially awkward high school student with less than 10 screen names on my buddy list -- an embarrassingly low amount for a teenage girl in the age of rising technology. Social anxiety plagued m…
By Alyssa Chiossone

Moving In With Your Boyfriend Will Be Hard But Worth It

Most long term relationships start the same way: you find someone you're attracted to and get along with. You start a whirlwind romance with him or her until you're both madly in love. If you're really serious about the relationship, one of you may e…
By Alyssa Chiossone