Alyssa Aparicio


Alyssa is a modern day priestess. Everything she creates is infused with a message of embodying and empowering the feminine. After experiencing debilitating menstrual cramps and pms month after month, she began in depth research that resulted in a complete transformation of her life and ultimately profound healing. She feels this has been an initiation into sharing this work with other women and raising awareness that healing your period is possible. She is based in LA.

Here's Why You're More Likely To Get Laid During A Full Moon

By Alyssa Aparicio
My wildest nights have always seemed to coincide with the full moon. Especially when it comes to my most prized sexcapades. In my memories, there exists a montage of me, arching my back toward the sky in ecstasy, only to realize the shimmering full…

The Dirty "F" Word

By Alyssa Aparicio
You might have been drawn to this article with the hopes that you’re about to read about raunchy sexcapades and how to get yours without giving or something along the lines of f*cking like a porn star. But I’m here to deep throat you with something…

Street Harassment Awareness: Hollaback Girl

By Alyssa Aparicio
It was broad daylight on a crowded NYC street -- St. Mark's Place to be exact -- when I walked with a few female friends to some destination I don’t recall. What I do recall was when some dude started following us. First down one street, then down…

Ladies Is Pimps Too

By Alyssa Aparicio
They say players only love you when they’re playing. Well if so, I’m perfectly fine remaining a Toys R Us kid. I love playing doctor and Twister drives me wild. But Dreamphone was always my favorite.That's when I learned how easy it was to dial a…

Hysterical Literature: Orgasm For Orgasm’s Sake

By Alyssa Aparicio
Spoiler Alert: You may want to check out one of these videos before you continue reading to accurately indulge in the unexpected...Attention: Private viewing is encouraged - at least until you've seen what it's all about. Many and most women will…

Rihanna Wears Conviction Instead Of Clothing

By Alyssa Aparicio
Rihanna's artwork for upcoming album Unapologetic (due to hit shelves November 19th) is catching everyone’s eye for obvious reasons. Topless and steely gazed, her unabashed demeanor invites excitement for the release of her seventh album. And she…

Don't Call Me Maybe

By Alyssa Aparicio
How many times does a guy ask you for your number or Facebook after just minutes of conversation at a crowded bar or seconds after you walk past him down a crowded street? Way too often. The only thought that runs through my mind is that they are…

Elite Review: Sleep No More

By Alyssa Aparicio
I can’t tell you the details of your stay at the Mckittrick Hotel because I would hate to deprive you of the full, firsthand experience. What I can tell you is this: the experience will be a confrontation with raw emotion unlike any you’ve…

Dare To Dress "Slutty"

By Alyssa Aparicio
My bare skin is never the elephant in a room; it is the pink flamingo. It was something about the feeling of air swirling beneath my skirt--my bare stomach exposed to the wind. I never understood why it was okay for boys to strip down on the streets…