Ally Denton


Ally is a contributing writer based in Indianapolis, IN. She graduated from Butler University in 2012 with a degree in English. Ally loves yoga, live music, meeting new people and trying new things. View more of her work at

Forever Young: The Difference Between Growing Up And Getting Old

By Ally Denton
Sometimes it seems like all 20-somethings can be divided into two distinct categories: those who are dragging their heels down the path of adulthood, not wanting to grow up, and those who sprint toward it, full steam ahead. One group seems stuck in…

10 Neurotic Questions That Every Girl Asks Herself During A First Date

By Ally Denton
As if there isn't enough to overanalyze, going on another first date might be the thing that finally sends our female brains into full-blown panic mode. While we try to keep things light, enjoy ourselves, say all the right things and of course, look…

8 Things You Learn About Yourself While Dating Someone New

By Ally Denton
We all love the feeling: the electric, often sickening feeling of liking and getting to know someone new. It's those early stages of a budding relationship when you get nervous before dates, carefully ask new questions and strategically plan your…

5 Ways Learning To Play An Instrument Will Provide Great Insight To Life

By Ally Denton
Back in high school, nothing embarrassed me more than carrying around my violin case. Even though I should have been working on my music every night after school, I would sometimes go days without practicing, just to avoid being seen with a violin…

Why Living In The Downtown Area Of Your Favorite City Is Both A Fantasy And A Nightmare

By Ally Denton
No matter which city you call home, there's nothing quite like living downtown: the nightlife, the people, the hustle and bustle, and the... rats? While there's plenty of downtown fun to be had, there are also clearly some downsides to the city…

5 Ways To Make More Time For The Things That Really Matter In Life

By Ally Denton
How often do you tell yourself that you just don’t have time to do something? If you’re like anyone I know, you'd probably admit to this quite often. It's an excuse we provide to others when we can't be somewhere or don't want to do something, but…

The 4 Besties Every 20-Something Woman Needs In Her Life

By Ally Denton
As all girls know, the chemistry of a friend group is a precarious thing. You need a careful mix of people, all with different personalities, interests and quirks, to keep things fun and in balance. Whether you feel like baking heart-shaped cupcakes…