Ally Bongard


Ally was able to recognize her passion for writing in university, and was a "Lifestyle" writer for Wilfrid Laurier University's newspaper, The Cord. Her writing bares all things to do with relationships, feelings, entertainment and life. As a Program Coordinator from Toronto, she is able to do the two things she loves - planning events around the world, and writing for Elite Daily.

Here's Why You Should Never Apologize For Your Past Relationships

By Ally Bongard
Romantic relationships are jam-packed, full of elevated highs, serious lows, extreme happiness and, of course, tremendous sadness from time to time. Based on the fact 99.9 percent of the human population does not replicate perfection, genuine and…

8 Things You Learned As A Teen That You Should Remember As A 20-Something

By Ally Bongard
Life pushed me out of my childhood years ago. I fell rapidly into my early 20s, and then more quickly than I could imagine, I found myself in my mid-20s. While my childhood and teenage years were tremendously eventful, things around me, including…

Guys, Here's How To Get Better At Understanding Female Communciation

By Ally Bongard
There are times when the easiest thing on the planet, communication, can seem like the hardest. We can't always understand why communication between men and women has become so hard. It's what successfully binds both romantic relationships and…

How To Master The Difficult Art Of Forgiveness When You're An Adult

By Ally Bongard
Mastering the art of forgiveness can be difficult, especially when the issue at hand has done damage that appears at the time to be irreconcilable. Instead of brushing it off and moving forward, many people keep a running tally and hold what we like…

6 Reasons You're Wrong To Think Dating A Successful Woman Is Too Much Hassle

By Ally Bongard
Some men have trouble dating a self-aware, established and independent woman. Let me be clear: Some, not all, men. Society no longer assumes men will take on a breadwinner and protective role, and women have definitely changed what it means to be…