Alli Colzani


Alli is a recent Michigan State University studying grad now living in Chicago and working for Edelman PR. She comes from a huge Italian family, always has a cup of coffee and could live off of red wine and popcorn.

Boys Will Be Boys: 5 Side Effects Of Only Having Male Roommates

By Alli Colzani
We've all laughed (and, let's face it, probably cried) along with Jess as she tries to navigate life with Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Coach, but we don't always see the reality of it. Yes, "New Girl" is a scripted television show. And, yes, it…

Welcome To The Real World: 5 Signs You're Ready To Flip Your Tassel To The Left

By Alli Colzani
During my freshman year at Michigan State, I wouldn't have been able to imagine being excited to graduate college. In fact, you probably would have found me at a frat party, red solo cup in hand, squealing about how, "I never want college to…

Why Yoga Is More Than Just An Instagram Picture

By Alli Colzani
Throughout the past year, my Instagram feed has been flooded with photos of yoga poses captioned with inspirational quotes, at which, to be honest, I've always scoffed and kept scrolling. Namaste? Sounds like a load of crap to me. The "yogi…

95 Thoughts You Have When Facebook Stalking Your Ex's New Girlfriend

By Alli Colzani
We've all been there. You're casually scrolling through your Facebook feed when it hits you, like the loneliness derived from being alone at midnight on New Years Eve: Your ex-boyfriend is in a relationship. Thanks to the convenience of social…

Savvy Savers: 5 Ways This Generation Is Saving More And Spending Less

By Alli Colzani
Despite my endless attempts to save money, I feel I'm still leaving a lot on the table when it comes to personal finances and saving money for the future. And, as a graduating college senior who is preparing to enter the real world in just four…

5 Things I Learned About Myself Through My Battle With Anorexia

By Alli Colzani
I’ve suffered from anorexia for as long as I can remember. Eleven months ago, after denying for months that I was unhealthy, I finally chose recovery. It’s been a whirlwind year of therapists, nutritionists and doctors, and I'd be lying through my…

How Black Friday Is The Regina George Of Holidays

By Alli Colzani
I'll be the first person to admit that I'm a shopping addict. I spend way more time than I'd like to admit online shopping. I always know which stores have the best deals, and I have beautifully mastered the art of Ebates. But, even though I'm a…

10 Reasons You Should Always Say Yes To A Night Out With Friends

By Alli Colzani
We've all heard the cliché, "College is the best four years of your life." It's a statement with which many disagree, but if you have the right mindset during your four years of undergraduate shenanigans, you'll find that it couldn't be any…