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3 Mouthwatering Recipes To Celebrate The Jewish Festival Of Lights

Let’s be honest: Celebrating festivities is all about the food. Like Christmas, the holiday of Hanukkah is spent among family and friends by giving gifts, enjoying traditional meals and basking in the presence of loved ones. Hanukkah (also called the…
By Ali Shearer

6 Reasons Why Having An Older, Fearless, Female Friend Is Empowering

Finding true friends can be difficult. And as you hit your 2os, it becomes increasingly and indisputably obvious that when it comes to friendship, it’s quality over quantity. I’m lucky enough to have two really close friends. But, it recently came to…
By Ali Shearer

Slow Down: 8 Signs You're Way Too Into Him Way Too Soon

Most relationships follow a standard formula and timeline. There are early stages every couple must navigate before they reach what's deemed a “proper” relationship status. We all know the initial awkward stage; then the infatuation stage, where ever…
By Ali Shearer

Healthy Living: 4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health This Month

We all know the basic commandments for living a healthy life: Thou shall eat mainly fruits and vegetables, thou will move daily, stay hydrated and get an adequate amount of sleep, etc. None of us are completely new to these healthy-living guidelines.…
By Ali Shearer

Have Your Ice Cream And Eat It, Too: 5 Guiltless Frozen Treat Options

Between Mister Softee, sorbets, frozen yogurts, gelato and liquid nitrogen ice cream, choosing the healthiest ice cream option can give you more of a brain freeze than the frozen dessert itself. But, with these ice cream alternatives, the old saying …
By Ali Shearer

7 Easy Ways To Amp Up Your Homemade Iced Coffee Game

Most people kick start each day with a caffeine fix. Cappuccino, mocha, latte, flat white, long black or a shot straight into the veins. Caffeine: Any way we can get it, we want it. This means simple cafe drink menus are now a thing of the past. So, …
By Ali Shearer

4 Ways Drinking Vodka Might Actually Benefit Your Appearance

We know vodka isn’t exactly great for our livers, waistlines, dance skills or public behaviors, but what you might not know is vodka offers many beneficial beauty uses. It turns out vodka doesn't just make you think you look great; it can help you lo…
By Ali Shearer

10 Reasons Aries Are The Most Entertaining People To Be Around

Keep picking bad friends and lame romantic interests? Maybe it's time to look to the star signs for a little guidance. Aries are first up on the Zodiac calendar and are said to represent the raw energy of life. Intrigued? You should be. Aries are for…
By Ali Shearer