Alexandra Strausman


Alex cheers on our successes and shares in our downfalls as we struggle, trapped in media mindsets and distorted perceptions of love. She is also a sunset fanatic and believes that ice cream is essential for a balanced diet.

I Stopped Dating For 30 Days & The Results Surprised Me

By Alexandra Strausman
There was a moment at 1:30 a.m. on a Saturday night in February that led me to stop dating for 30 days and detox my love life. A text popped up across my phone from Kevin. We’d met a year ago at Phebe’s Bar in the East Village in New York, drunk and…

College Hookups That Every Woman Remembers

By Alexandra Strausman
College prepares you to get down and dirty in frat basements, have beer poured all over your clothes leaving you to walk home sticky from day drinks and taunts you with exhausting amounts of flirting. Every ounce of socializing you squeeze out of…

6 Types Of Guys Every Girl Will Eventually Take To A Date Party

By Alexandra Strausman
Two words: date party. Those words either fill you with joy and excitement, or they bring back previously blacked out memories of sorority formals gone wrong. It's the time where you get to buy a new dress, kick back with killer pregame tunes and…

What 'The Giving Tree' Can Teach You About Finding True Happiness

By Alexandra Strausman
As young children, we are inclined to believe that no matter what -- no matter the battles and wars and people in our way -- our soulmates, our "one true love" exists at the other end of all of our bridges. He or she is waiting and knowing what we…

27 Hopes All Older Siblings Have For Their Younger Brothers And Sisters

By Alexandra Strausman
They say your life forever changes the moment you become a parent. But, they forget to mention your life also forever changes the moment you become an older sibling. At your young age, you first experience unconditional love. You become a coach and…

#RelationshipGoals: 6 Movie Couples Millennials Will Forever Worship

By Alexandra Strausman
Love is constantly on our minds, and we search nonstop to find it. We binge-watch romantic comedies with our butts sinking into old couches, all to escape to a world where true love exists. We hope to experience the everlasting love our favorite…

34 Excruciating Thoughts We Have About Our Exes On Social Media

By Alexandra Strausman
Everyone has the one who got away. You shared a magical time together, but you somehow let the person slip through your fingers. Maybe it was just a summer fling or a between-the-sheets romance. But for the brief coupling it was, you swear it felt…