Alexandra Napoli


Alexandra is a Bucknell graduate, born and raised on Long Island. She will never refuse a dish of pasta, or a piece of dark chocolate. She boxes, writes often, and adores Manhattan.

If You Hate Telling People No, Ask Yourself These 3 Things First

By Alexandra Napoli
If you've ever felt the need to explain yourself, you're not alone. In today's society, there seems to be an ever-constant pressure to back up your reasoning with an explanation. Therefore, if you ever need to say "no" to something, you usually get…

5 Reasons Your Older Sister Never Stops Guiding You Through Life

By Alexandra Napoli
Due to the existence of my older sister, I have to admit my life has been made immensely easier. While yes, I have had to overcome my own obstacles, she has experienced most of life's biggest and most crucial milestones before I have. She paved the…

Not Feeling 22: Why Almost-Adulthood Is The Worst Time Of Our Lives

By Alexandra Napoli
In summation, it's awkward. You're not really sure where you belong. You just graduated from college, and college rocked. You had your close friends, your place to hang out on campus, your favorite bar, your apartment or downtown house and your…

The Snapchat Headache: 4 Ways To Stay Sane While Snapping Your Life Away

By Alexandra Napoli
I think we can all agree: Since Snapchat added emoji to its handy application, the world has basically blown up. First, it removed the “best friends” list, and everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief. Even though you couldn’t stalk who your…

Forever Grateful: What I Learned About Family Values From My Single Mom

By Alexandra Napoli
She is the strongest person I know, and I sincerely mean that. She has taught me how to handle myself, how to express myself and how to better myself. While we're getting our nails done, she’ll serve up some wise parenting advice. As she cooks me…