Alexandra E. Petri


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Alexandra is a New York native with a global soul. She's a 20-something traveler who's lived in five countries, backpacked through more than 30 countries and once had her photo appear on the front page of a newspaper in India. Her most prized possession is a necklace that she never takes off. Alexandra doesn't just write stories; she is a story. Follow Alexandra's adventures on her Facebook page,

Living The Dream: How Traveling Truly Becomes Your Most Treasured Experience

By Alexandra E. Petri
There is no way to be prepared for it, really. When you first get home from backpacking or living overseas, things do feel somewhat new again. The excitement blossoms when you first see your family and your friends. The relief flows through you when…

What Actually Happens To A Traveler's Identity When She Stops Traveling

By Alexandra E. Petri
I am sitting in the airport in Bangkok. It's the same departure area where I have sat a million and one times, readying myself for whatever big adventure lay ahead: going to explore the Himalayas in Nepal, heading down to explore the underwater…

The 8 Types Of Guys You'll Fall For While Traveling Across The World

By Alexandra E. Petri
What was that line that Nicholas Sparks wrote in "The Notebook" that everyone — at one time or another — included in their AOL profiles, on their away messages, posted as a Facebook status or had on some magnet that was secured to a college dorm…

How 'Home' Turns Into More Of A Feeling Than A Place As You Travel

By Alexandra E. Petri
I landed in Sydney two years ago with nothing but a battered backpack from life on the road, an expectant soul, excited heart and an unknown future. Now, here I am, traversing through Indonesia without any idea of where I am headed or what I am…

10 Different Types Of Interesting Travelers You'll Meet Along Your Adventures

By Alexandra E. Petri
Travelers are an incredibly diverse species. After spending some time with them and observing them in their natural habitat, you will come to see that there are particular types of travelers you are guaranteed to come across. Here is our…