Alexandra Curreri


Allie graduated from FAU in 2015 and is currently residing in Boston pursuing a Master's in Journalism at Northeastern Univeristy. Her hobbies include mastering the art of shopping, indulging in SVU marathons and reading sappy romance novels.

An Open Letter To The Man Who Slapped Me: You Only Made Me More Resilient

By Alexandra Curreri
Toxicity is giving you too much credit. Evil, sinister, or sociopathic are better adjectives to describe you. You are someone I wish I could save tons of women that come your way from. You're a snake, a serpent and a coward. I was 22 when I met you.…

You Need To Stop Being Afraid Of Falling In Love, Or You'll Never Find It

By Alexandra Curreri
Being 2o-something in this dating age can seriously suck, and I know most of my fellow Millennials would agree. We saw our parents' relationships fail. We've seen romance crumble before our very eyes. Communication has been diminished to words on a…

8 Things Everyone Can Learn From Hillary Clinton's Boss AF Debate Performance

By Alexandra Curreri
We all witnessed the second presidential debate, where The Donald unleashed every attack and insult possible at Secretary Clinton, who handled it like a complete B-O-S-S. Regardless of what you think about Hillary Clinton (and trust me, I personally…

Everything You Want To Say To The Man Who Chose Someone Else

By Alexandra Curreri
“My heart is with someone else.” Never did I think that six simple words could have affected me so deeply. The feeling that overcame me was so profound and intense that I had to sit in silence. I was on my bedroom floor for a good amount of time…

10 Sketchy Things You Need To Look Out For On A Guy's Instagram

By Alexandra Curreri
I met someone whom I thought was a great guy, and I was catching the feels HARD. We would talk every single day and I really thought that it was going somewhere... but I had one reservation: his Instagram. At first, I thought it was just my paranoia…

Here's What You Learn From Spending One Year Not Going On A Single Date

By Alexandra Curreri
For the longest time in my young adult life, I was focused on the wrong thing: finding a relationship. Don't get me wrong, relationships can be great. It can be incredible to find a person you love and cherish. I used to be a crack addict when it…

10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A Girl Who's Been Cheated on

By Alexandra Curreri
When people cheat, they have absolutely no idea what implications it can have on their SO's life. When you cheat on someone, you take away that person's ability to trust. You instill a fear of intimacy. You have the potential to completely destroy…

Here Are All The Reasons I'll Never Date Someone Who Supports Donald Trump

By Alexandra Curreri
If you had said to me a year ago Donald Trump was going to be the front-runner for the Republican party, I would have laughed in your face. Donald Trump? A well-known, corrupt and sexist billionaire? When he first gained traction and the public's…