Alexandra Bannon


A young writer living on the east coast of Australia, turning heart break into valuable stories for all.

All Grief Is Equal: Why Everyone Should Be Allowed To Mourn A Breakup

By Alexandra Bannon
At least once in our lifetimes, we will experience life-altering heartbreak. Trying to move on from something you believed was destined to be is one of the hardest things we go through in our life, yet it can be harder when we're inevitably told we…

I Don't Hate Her, I Hate The Fact That You Moved On

By Alexandra Bannon
I think I speak on behalf of most women that at least once in our lives, we will experience what it’s like to hate the girl who is now with an ex. Let's be honest: It’s so easy to hate the new girl. It’s so easy to pick on the flaws on someone you…

No One Else Has To Live What You Decide

By Alexandra Bannon
At least once in our lives, we will all experience the essence of hurt, betrayal and pain. These emotions can come from all factors of life. We can feel hurt when the flame we shared with someone we loved goes out; we can feel betrayed by a friend;…

It's Okay To Let Go, It Doesn't Mean You Love Them Any Less

By Alexandra Bannon
Throughout our lives, events will happen that we could have never planned, nor dreamt of happening. These are events that we learn are beyond our control and they are the ones that change us forever. Before my 17th birthday, my mother passed away to…

Grieving Doesn't Make You Imperfect, It Makes You Human

By Alexandra Bannon
When you lose someone, people think they know you; they think they know how you’re handling everything. But, the truth is, no one knows how you’re doing. No one knows what happens after you go home, when you’re lying in bed or sitting over your…

Why It Means You Are Not In Love When You Want To Change Him

By Alexandra Bannon
As I got older, I learned that there is whole other world to dating than what I once thought. I realized that sometimes in life, relationships can be hard and most consist of compromise and sacrifice. I came to understand that the love a person has…