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Romanian blogger living in London, spends her free time between her personal blog ( and her story-sharing platform about writing therapy Addicted to travelling, coffee and dancing.

89 Thoughts You Have When The 'Bad Boy' Inevitably Breaks Up With You

He's a musician. You work a 9-to-5. He has the soul of an artist and wants to travel the world. You are planning on starting your own business some day. He's young and restless. You have been through many experiences, and feel open to stability. He's…
By Alexandra Badita

Between The Lines: 5 Ways To Sharpen Your Writing Skills

People tend to think anyone can write. “We all did it in school. What’s the big deal?” But it is only when you invite them to sit in front of a laptop and a blank Word document that they understand what it's like to feel frustrated. The impossibility…
By Alexandra Badita

The 6 Stages Of Rejection When You Finally Tell Your Crush How You Feel

Remember those days in high school when you spotted the cute guy in the classroom across the hallway? You used to blush every time he passed by, and you instantly looked at your shoes the moment he smiled at you. Approaching him to tell him how you f…
By Alexandra Badita

Call Me Wonder Woman: 20 Times Every Woman Feels Like A Superhero

Most comic books and children’s stories are packed with superheroes who hide behind handsome men. Just look at Superman, Batman or Spider-Man. You can actually count on one hand the number of women who save the world. The truth is, women are daily su…
By Alexandra Badita

7 Reasons Dancing Is The Best Escape From A Routine Lifestyle

Dancing is one of the most appreciated activities. It gives you a feeling of freedom, and you never come across a couple dancing without a huge smile on their faces. However, most people are ashamed to dance in public. They sometimes do it in their o…
By Alexandra Badita

So Long, Summer: 5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Season Of New Beginnings

September is always a reminder that summer is gone, and so are our vacations. When we were little, the beginning of fall meant getting back together with our classmates, eager to share stories from the summer holidays. Even though we lack the same en…
By Alexandra Badita