Alexandra Antonopoulos


Alex is moved by humor-based pieces that are subversive, clever, and surprising; much of what she writes is crafted toward that end. The greatest compliment she could ever receive from a reader might be, “You’re kind of insane, but that was hilarious.” Her love for making others laugh is matched only by the burning desire to engage in deep philosophical conversation with anyone who as much as looks at her sideways. She rocks out to vinyl and the sound of her own neuroses derailing a conversation, adores Irish whiskey as much as a long run in some park and lives for that moment you realize you can freely use the F word in front of a new friend.

5 Whiskey And Chocolate Pairings For Your Classy AF Girls' Night

By Alexandra Antonopoulos
Who says you can't scarf truffles and sip Glen neats with your super sophisticated lady friends? Depending on your girl group, Saturday nights can get pretty wild. No matter whether the debauchery is accidental or routinely premeditated, it's still…