Alex Meyer


Alex Meyer is currently pursuing Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Houston. Ruminator and avid reader of all things classic, she spends most days with her dog, Lord Byron. For more, visit her website

8 Struggles Chronic Overthinkers Have To Deal With Every Day

By Alex Meyer
If you have ever been told you “think too much,” you know the pain of attempting to respond to this statement without steam shooting from your ears. You understand the annoyance of watching others go through life, unencumbered by their thoughts. You…

7 Truths That Will Ease The Pain Of Your Last Breakup

By Alex Meyer
In a generation that prides itself on independence, love often goes awry. Despite the hope that the connection you’ve made with another person is somehow different, more rare and more definite than any other, life has a reputation of getting in the…

Like Family: 7 Pledges Every Woman Should Make To Her Friends

By Alex Meyer
I’ve sometimes been characterized as “the better friend,” as if there were performance rates on who out-friends the other. This often left me puzzled. What am I doing that’s “better,” and what is my friend not doing? I’ve come to the conclusion that…

6 Things I Will Always Do Because Of My Father's Love

By Alex Meyer
Dear Dad, As Father’s Day nears and the knowledge I cannot be with you settles into my mind, I have taken a moment to write to you. I have written these lines to show you the person I have become because of you. I am not perfect. I am not above…

5 Reasons To Befriend The 'Other Woman' And Leave The Cheater By Himself

By Alex Meyer
I once befriended "the other woman." Though which one of us rightly deserved that title is questionable, our entanglements with the man were not. To both be free of him because of each other and because we couldn’t bear the thought of being his…