Alex Lopez


Alex Lopez grew up on the street, where there was a house. In that house, he learned about sports, video games, movies and the fine art of dog breeding. Feel free to not contact him on Twitter.

Why Voting Trump Is One Of The Worst Things This Generation Could Do

By Alex Lopez
I love this country. I believe in the principles this country was founded upon, and I respect the people who wanted to break free from a government they felt was trampling their rights. My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. He, of course, did…

FOH: Why We Shouldn’t Pay Attention To Talk Of A May-Pac Rematch

By Alex Lopez
On May 2, 2015, there was a spectacle unlike anything Las Vegas has never seen before. Excitement filled the air in every bar and every living room. As a result of this circus, the Las Vegas airport had never had so many private jets occupying so…

Why The Gender Pay Gap Has Absolutely No Business Existing In 2015

By Alex Lopez
A long time ago, someone asked me if I would care, whenever I marry, if my wife makes more money than I do. I told that someone I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind because regardless of whose money it was, spent money is spent money. It’s 2015 and that…

140-Character Bullying: How Twitter Figured Out How To Silence Trolls

By Alex Lopez
Twitter sucks at dealing with abuse. No, that’s not me attacking the social media giant, but rather an admission by CEO Dick Costolo. He believes trolling is costing Twitter users and, frankly, he might be on to something. I’ve seen some pretty…

Why A College Survey Won't Improve The Sexual Assault Epidemic

By Alex Lopez
On January 22, 2015, the Association of American Universities or, AUU, sent out a press release that acknowledged the participation of almost 30 universities in one of the largest surveys of sexual assault. The reason for conducting said survey is…

Comics Gone Serious: How 'Daredevil' Will Change Marvel's Light Tone

By Alex Lopez
The Marvel Universe is expanding and making big waves, not only on the shelves of comic book stores, but also in its firm hold in movie theaters, cable TV and, now, even Netflix. Back on November 7, 2013, Marvel announced it signed what's…