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7 TV Couples From The '90s Who Taught Us Everything About Relationships

By Aja Baise
Love is such a beautiful thing. There are butterflies, happiness, chills and passion. All of those feelings are addicting and intoxicating when you add in an insane amount of chemistry. Love can also be a hell fire. There can be pain, heartache,…

These Are The 4 Types Of Friends You Need To Reach Ultimate #SquadGoals

By Aja Baise
Friends are our chosen family. They are there to celebrate our successes, as well as be a shoulder to lean on in times of misfortune. A major lesson I've learned in my life about friendship is different friends are made for different occasions and…

Why The Emotionally Unavailable Guy Is More Dateable Than You Think

By Aja Baise
On paper, he's the perfect man. He has a great job, genuine personality and good work ethic. He's also morally sound, sociable, stable and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is everything and more, except for that one thing. You get to know…

How Putting Up With Inconsistent Men Is Sabotaging Your Dating Life

By Aja Baise
Girl meets boy. Girl gets to know boy. Girl connects with boy. Girl falls head over heels for boy. Boy leaves girl. Girl is confused. This could be the theme for every woman who has ever fallen for a guy and gotten her heart broken. You did…

7 Ways You'll Get Schooled In Love When You Date A Teacher

By Aja Baise
Teachers are the token professionals of our world. We make way less monetarily than how much we give our students academically, socially and intrinsically. If you've ever found yourself in a relationship with a teacher, these seven things will sound…

4 Types Of Love Millennials Settle For Instead Of The Real Thing

By Aja Baise
Sometimes, it feels as if my generation has decided to settle for less when it comes to love and matters of the heart. There are few people who take the initiative to find passion in monogamy and commitment, and there are even fewer who make the…