Ainsley Smith

I am a twenty something journalist, fitness enthusiast and sports fanatic. I attended Humber College in Toronto where I studied print and broadcast journalism. I enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra and eating avocados!

My Ex Forced Me to Diet When We Were Together and It Destroyed My Mental Health

I've been an active and healthy person my entire life. As a teen, I competitively danced 20+ hours a week and frequently went to the gym. I looked great and felt great. Even once I started dating my first serious boyfriend (whom I ended up dating for…
By Ainsley Smith

5 Reasons I Actually Miss The Days When I Was Broke AF

If one thing's certain, it's I'm thrilled my college days are behind me. I'm happy to finally have a stable career, savings in the bank and a financially stable future ahead of me.   But while I love having the funds to be able to go on vacations, di…
By Ainsley Smith