Adrienne Argenbright


Born in Germany and raised in New Mexico, Adrienne currently resides in Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of Southern California, she backpacked her way through Europe and is now pursuing a career in writing.

Why The Only True Way To Experience ‘Star Wars’ Is On The Big Screen

By Adrienne Argenbright
I've never seen "Star Wars." I've never seen the original trilogy or any of the prequels. And this wasn’t such a big deal until I went to film school. It was there I learned to be quiet about my dirty little secret. "Star Wars" was the reason a lot…

What To Know About The Relic Of Sacrificial Problems At Burning Man

By Adrienne Argenbright
At 50 feet tall, Zozobra is the largest marionette in the United States. He appears only once a year, and he is slightly altered each time, from the color of his hair to the style of his robes. But the circumstances surrounding Zozobra's presence in…

Age Is Just A Number: 7 Reasons Why Birthdays Are Actually The Worst

By Adrienne Argenbright
My birthdays started going downhill early. In fact, I can pinpoint the exact year: 2002. I was turning 11 and still hadn’t received a letter from Hogwarts. The distress was crushing and all-consuming. That year set the stage for every birthday…

There's Hope For You: How To Live With A Loved One Who's An Addict

By Adrienne Argenbright
People lie about addiction all the time. And often, we expect their dishonesty. We grow used to lies about where they’ve been and why they need the money. It’s the families and friends -- the enablers — you have to watch out for. They can be just as…

What A Product Of A Broken Home Would Say To Her Future Ex-Husband

By Adrienne Argenbright
Neither of us wanted this. It isn’t something you plan for, alongside family dinners and summer vacations. There isn’t a little girl on the planet who grows up thinking about alimony, or daydreaming about child support. Sure, it was always a…