Adalay Katch


Adalay is an MA student at Columbia University. She’s really good at wasting time and producing cringe-worthy rhymes. Follow her on instagram (@averynicepoem) to add some cheesy poetry to your feed.

Why Emotions Keep Our Souls Young, Even As We Grow Old

By Adalay Katch
A few months ago, I was working for an amazing company, doing something I love to do. The circumstances would have been ideal, except for the fact that my immediate boss was going through a difficult breakup. At the time, I was unaware of her…

Why Succumbing To The Crippling Fear Of Rejection Will Ruin Your Life

By Adalay Katch
I recently received a letter in the mail that read as follows: Dear Ms. Katch, On behalf of _________ Foundation, I would like to thank you for applying to the ___________ 2015 Scholarship. The Scholarship Committee has been very fortunate to…

80 Ways This Generation Fears Emptiness And Fills It With 'Meaning'

By Adalay Katch
When I was home for the holidays, I had the luxury of walking to the park with my little brother. We were walking hand-in-hand, when I suddenly felt him tug me forward swiftly and without warning. I looked down to his feet to gauge his direction,…

55 Ways I'm More Committed To Self-Sabotage Than Self-Improvement

By Adalay Katch
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The first time I heard these words come out my dad’s mouth, I was four. My dad’s not the cliché type; he's not a philosopher nor a counselor. He…

7 Remarks You Need To Stop Saying To Women Who Don’t Want Children

By Adalay Katch
I am a woman who doesn’t want to procreate -- not now, not in five years, not in 15 years, not ever. End of discussion. Funny thing is, when pregnancy and child-rearing come up in conversation, my declaration that I am not going to have any or raise…

6 Insights To Keep In Mind At The Start Of A New Relationship

By Adalay Katch
When my most recent ex and I broke up, he looked right at me and said, “I told you on the first day we hung out that I didn’t want a girlfriend. I’m not cut out for it — I warned you.” In addition to being a complete assh*le, he was right. He did…

Why You Should Never Cheat -- From A Girl Who's Been Cheated On

By Adalay Katch
My high school boyfriend of five years cheated on me when we went away to college. He cheated on me with a girl named Julia... I will never forget that name. He cheated on me in the beginning of October, and coincidentally, it rained really hard…

The Real Reasons Why Women Are Still Oppressed As Sexual Beings

By Adalay Katch
I did the unthinkable. The thing no woman should ever do. The thing my mother warned me about. The thing that gets other girls talking. They would never do what I did — they would never be “that girl.” The thing that makes me a cheap,…