Abby Rosmarin

Abby Rosmarin is a writer, an RYT, a model, and the author of I’m Just Here for the Free Scrutiny. You can catch her shenanigans on her blog ( or on Twitter (@thatabbyrose).

9 Struggles Of Having A Type B Personality While Dealing With Anxiety

ByAbby Rosmarin
Firstly, God bless anyone who genuinely thinks anyone falls 100 percent into any particular category, especially a binary, black-or-white category. You can be a social introvert or antisocial extrovert. You can have the majority of the personality…

The Other Worthy Chases In Life: Why I Quit The Pursuit Of Happiness

ByAbby Rosmarin
“I have a long way to go before I reach happy,” she told me, talking about happiness as if it were an X on a map. We were sitting in my car, driving around and discussing the mess her ex left her with.  She saw her heartbreak like a gust of wind,…

At The Party, Not The Life Of It: What It Means To Be A Social Introvert

ByAbby Rosmarin
The term “social introvert” sounds a bit like an oxymoron. You’re either social, or you’re an introvert. However, let’s not forget introversion and extroversion have nothing to do with how social you would like to be. It’s all about where you get…

Why It's Ridiculous You Have A Problem With Little Girls Saying 'F*ck'

ByAbby Rosmarin
“F-Bombs for Feminism: Potty Mouth Princesses Use Bad Words for a Good Cause" is a viral video showing young girls between the rough ages of 8 and 14 dressed up as princesses. The girls start by daintily holding their hands and saying, “Pretty,”…

5 Non-English Majors That Will Make You A Better Writer

ByAbby Rosmarin
Like many hopeful writers, I majored in English. I brushed off the comments about the degree’s lack of marketability and ignored people who asked if I planned to "just be an English teacher." It was trying at times, especially when it made me forget…