Abbey Gingras


Abbey is currently studying strategic communication and professional writing at Miami University (of Ohio). She enjoys writing, traveling, hiking, and sharing her opinion. Check out her life through filters on Instagram: @abbeygingras

Eat, Sleep, Retweet: 5 Benefits To Being Addicted To Social Media

By Abbey Gingras
We're all guilty of loving our phones or computers a little too much, right? I feel a constant compulsion to check my email, text messages and social media feeds throughout the day. If I go too long without checking them, I worry I've missed out on…

It's Not Easy Being A Veggie Head: The Good And Bad Of Vegetarianism

By Abbey Gingras
Five years ago, I was a naïve teenager looking for a cause to support or something to define me. I was (scratch that, am) impressionable and passionate, and when I read "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer, I found my calling: vegetarianism. The…

4 Things We'll Miss About The Most Recent Character To Leave 'GOT'

By Abbey Gingras
Warning: Spoilers are revealed throughout this article. If you haven't watched the season five finale of "Game of Thrones," you may want to avert your eyes (to the nearest TV to watch the episode so you can read this). I almost titled this, "In…

Why It's Never Too Late To Switch Your Dreams And Change Your Plans

By Abbey Gingras
From the time I was a kid, I could never put my finger on what I wanted. I flitted from soccer to gymnastics to horseback riding. I debated countless careers before entering college, unsure of where to best utilize my passions and skills. These…

7 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Human Trafficking

By Abbey Gingras
Malaysian authorities recently uncovered 139 graves containing suspected victims of human trafficking following a nearly two-week operation, according to the Associated Press. These graves were scattered across various jungle camps along the…