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Abbey Finch is a professional copywriter & blogger fumbling through life and attending grad school at the Columbia University School of Journalism. Read her blog and learn more about her first book here:

I've Been Sober For My Entire 20s, And These Are The 5 Things I've Learned

By Abbey Finch
My adolescence was riddled with substance abuse and insanity. I got sober at 19, thinking my life was over. Little did I know I was in store for a much more powerful ride by not drinking or drugging. Being sober, I've made plenty of terrible,…

8 Reasons You’ll Be Way More Confident In Your 30s Than You Were In Your 20s

By Abbey Finch
Getting older used to horrify me. Wrinkles, responsibilities, being boring — the whole package seemed really unappealing. But, now that I'm in my 29th year and reaching the third decade of life, I'm not dreading it the way I used to. In a weird…

How To Know When Being Friends With Benefits Will Work For You

By Abbey Finch
The friends with benefits arrangement isn't for everyone, and it isn't right for every stage of life. Some people say it's always a terrible idea. Feelings get involved, someone gets attached and invariably, someone gets hurt. Screw that. We are in…

8 Reasons Dating Apps Are Actually The Greatest Invention Ever

By Abbey Finch
These days, it's seriously so easy to not be lonely. But still, I have a bevy of lady friends who are totally unwilling to fill out a basic Bumble profile. Instead, they complain about single-hood, not meeting anyone and spending Friday nights…

I Was Divorced At 24 And This Is Why I Don't Believe In Marriage

By Abbey Finch
I got married at 22 and was divorced by 24. It's easy to say that I was young, immature and not ready for a lifetime commitment, but the experience made me realize that marriage, as an institution, just might not be for me. Seeing my friends partner…

I Attend Music Festivals Completely Sober And They're Actually Incredible

By Abbey Finch
I got sober at 19 years old, after a teenage era full of drugs, alcohol, angst, sex and rock 'n' roll. Life's supposed to be boring and serious when you're sober, right? Nope. Not at all. I love live music and discovering new music. Hell yes, I love…

This Is What Dating Is Like For A 24-Year-Old Millennial Mom

By Abbey Finch
Being single in your 20s is fun. It's a time of exploration, casual sex, exciting dates and awkward hookups. It's about not knowing what to text him back, and screenshotting your friends his message so they can weigh in on what to respond back. It's…

7 Tips for Being A Kickass Millennial Boss Who Empowers Their Employees

By Abbey Finch
Gone is the era when you had to put in 20 years at the same gig to score a much-anticipated promotion, and gain a few measly underlings to do your bidding. Thanks to the startup trend and the tech-savvy younger generation, more and more Millennials…