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The 3 Ways To Learn How To Love Yourself The Way You Do Your Best Friend

By Aaren
Love yourself. "Love yourself" is a canned phrase we say to a co-worker who's telling us about her breakup. It's a string of words we scream to ourselves in our aunt's bathroom mirror while preparing for holiday conversations about why we're…

Why Our Millennial Mindset Works For Everything Except Dating

By Aaren
My dearest Gen-Y homies, I love you. I love us. I love that I can tell you I spent my Saturday watching "Stranger Things" while eating cheese cubes and evoke envy from you. I love that we've concluded that foosball tables in the breakroom helps…

Why It's OK To Walk Away From Your SO, Even If You Have No Plans For The Future

By Aaren
I am not exactly qualified to give 'how-to' dating advice. I am single. I have never lived with a significant other. Hell, my Tinder picture is me sitting in a hot tub in a business suit. (I probably could've stopped at "Tinder picture.") Clearly, I…

Why You're Probably Not The Only Girl In The World Who Understands Him

By Aaren
I'm not one for trying to change people. I give a little credit in life to fate, and a lot to free will. I understand people choose how they act, react and live their lives. As a third party to that, I understand I can really only control my own…

4 Things You Need To Know Before Dating An Unemotional Woman

By Aaren
I was in a comedy group in college. We spent a lot of time together, and like any group of mature, budding professionals, we created nicknames for each other. Most of them had an artistic flare, like D-Cork, KCD and Xtini. (In hindsight, it was just…

5 Reasons To Befriend The Woman Who Intimidates The Sh*t Out Of You

By Aaren
A badass woman comes in many forms. She may be climbing the corporate ladder. She may be the lone lady in a male-dominated field. She may have a flare for art or an unmatched compassion for those struggling. She may be organized and deliberate or a…

6 Ways To Clarify What 'We're Talking' Means In Your Maybe-Relationship

By Aaren
Millennials are the masters of Netflix binges, Chipotle orders and ambiguous dating. You know how it goes; your romantic endeavor starts as flirtatious banter and texting throughout the day. Then, you're drunk dialing, watching movies, hooking up,…