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Dating A Veteran Puts Things Into Perspective

Growing up, I watched a lot of television. (Like, a LOT.) I gravitated toward the types of shows with storylines centered on relationships. What can I say? I'm a sucker for love. These shows always seemed to feature a female lead dating a war veteran…
By Elite Daily Staff

4 Things We Take For Granted Every Day

Life can be daunting. We're late to work because the train was delayed or traffic was terrible. Our boss annoys us, and our paycheck never seems to be enough. There are days when it seems like the world just has it out for you. I know it. I feel you.…
By Gigi Engle

5 Things That Happen When You Stop Hiding And Start Being Yourself

We all have parts of ourselves that we hide — secrets that we lock in the vault inside ourselves, and throw away the key so no one can access them. Those parts and secrets run the gamut. Sometimes you're hiding because of a systemic and societal stig…
By Blair Thill