5 Things To Remember About Hiram Lodge Before 'Riverdale' Season 2 Airs

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Riverdale comes careening back into town on The CW this Wednesday, Oct. 11, so it's time to remind ourselves where we last left our Core Four. Archie Andrews was holding his father's dying body in a diner. Jughead was joining the South Side Serpents. Betty was learning she had a long lost brother. And Veronica just found out dad was coming home. But why was Hiram Lodge in jail on Riverdale? Let's run down some facts about Veronica's father.

We can start with the fact that, as impossible as it seems, we actually haven't seen Hiram Lodge on the show. It seems a little crazy (well everything on Riverdale is crazy) because the man's presence was such a force hanging over everyone and everything. It was like a long shadow that Veronica thought she was outrunning, until her mother revealed the need to cut Archie's father out of the land deal was because her father was coming home.

Hiram Lodge and Fred Andrews have already been set up as mortal enemies this season, but why? Does it have anything to do with Lodge's jail time? And why does Hermione seem so freaked out about her husband's return?

Hiram Lodge Is In Jail For Embezzlement

Hiram Lodge was the CEO and President of Lodge Industries. What exactly the company does hasn't been revealed, but it's a family business. Both Veronica and Hermione are legal officers in his absence, and the assumption is when he returns, he'll take back over the CEO position, despite the fact he's being charged with embezzling from the company. (He's basically been running the company from behind the bars of Yonkers Penitentiary anyway.)

He Was Business Partners With Manfred Muggs

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Lodge Industries used to be a two man partnership, with Lodge working with Manfred Muggs. That is, until Lodge decided the company would grow just fine without a partner, and cut Muggs out of the deal completely, and ruining his family. Muggs attempted suicide and was hospitalized, just another sign of what a terrible person lodge can be to the fragile people around him.

His daughter Ethel, for the record, blames Lodge.

Fred & Hiram Hate Each Other

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Before Fred married Archie's mother Mary (played by Molly Ringwald), he was deeply in love with Hermione. (Some believe that Fred-Hermione and Veronica-Archie are echoes of each other's generational "Core Four," but that's a theory for another time.) Why didn't Fred marry Hermione? Because Hiram Lodge swept into town and stole that girl right from under Fred's nose.

He moved them away to the fancy world of New York City, where they went on to have Veronica as a daughter. But Fred never forgot or forgave.

Cliff Blossom Also Hates Hiram Lodge

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Fred isn't the only one that Hiram left with a bad taste in his mouth. When Lodge originally rolled into town back when they were high schoolers, he got into a serious rivalry with Cliff Blossom.

We don't know how that will play out in this upcoming season, but considering the Blossoms and the Coopers kind of have their own Targaryen-style problems right now (not to mention Cheryl went nuts and burned the house down), Hiram's arrival in town can't be good timing.

Hiram Has A Deal With The Southside Serpents

We think of the Southside Serpent gang as primarily Jughead's issue, with his father a gang member and his loyalties torn as the gang reels him onto their team. But they're also Lodge's deal, in that Lodge is using them to lower land values with their gang-like ways.

At first no one knew he was using the gang in this manner, but then Hermione found out, and a secret learned is a secret told. She told Fred Andrews, with whom she was having an affair.

Exactly how is Hiram going to deal with all this when he arrives this season? With panache, we assume. Riverdale Season 2 premieres Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. ET, on The CW.