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There Are So Many Viral Mac & Cheese Recipes On TikTok Right Now, You'll Melt

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Your cheese pull content is about to get even feta. Using these viral mac and cheese recipes on TikTok, you can transform your go-to comfort dish into a gourmet creation — even if it doesn't look like one. These recipes are oozing with creative flair, innovative hacks, and spicy twists that will tempt you to recreate them on your own feed.

When you watch these dishes come together, you may wonder if you clicked on the right video, as some of these recipes don't resemble a traditional macaroni and cheese at all. Don't fret, there really is cheesy pasta in that donut or layered under packets of Hot Cheetos powder. They may sound strange at first, but that just goes to show how much these TikTok mac and cheese recipes think outside the pasta box.

If you're interested in something more laid-back, you can still find a TikTok mac and cheese recipe that fits your palette. Follow an easy method that makes mac and cheese in minutes, using only a single dish to spare you from any extra clean-up time. Heck, the most viral creation of them all — "macaroni... with the chicken strips" — is literally mac and cheese with a side of chicken strips. Done and done. If you've been loving the baked feta pasta trend on TikTok, you'll appreciate the TikTok mac and cheese dish that uses a similar method below.

Basically, there's a viral mac and cheese recipe on TikTok that everyone can find oh so gouda. The only thing left for you to worry about is how many TikTok videos of your cheese pulls are too cheesy to post.

Hot Cheetos Donuts

Spice up your typical cheesy comfort food by recreating this Hot Cheetos mac and cheese doughnut. "How can mac and cheese be a doughnut," you ask? Well, TikToker @soflofoodie can show you how. They form cheesy pasta into a circle, coat it in Hot Cheetos powder, and fry it up. After you check out this video for yourself, you'll see how straightforward this dish is to recreate.

Mug Mac & Cheese

Sometimes you #canteven with cooking or dishes. When you're in the middle of a busy work week, you just want something quick. That's where this mug mac and cheese comes in to save the day. This cheesy goodness comes together with just a mug, microwave, pasta, and of course, cheese. In under a few minutes, you'll already have dinner served and ready for eating.

Mac & Cheese Balls

TikToker @moribyan was inspired by The Cheesecake Factory's cheese bites and whipped up their own version to enjoy at home. These bites are essentially balls of mac and cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and flour, and fried. They are enjoyed with marinara sauce, extra parmesan, and fresh basil. If you're short on time, make the mac and cheese in advance by shaping them into bites and storing them in the fridge, leaving the frying 'til day of.

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Watching TikToker @mxriyum cook up this Buffalo chicken mac and cheese might make your stomach rumble — that's how appetizing this dish looks. They talk through their tasty recipe that relies on garlic, cheddar, mozzarella, and Colby Jack cheese. Their key ingredient, Buffalo chicken, is added to the pasta before baking in the oven. That way, when the pasta comes out, the cheese is oozing all over the crispy chicken.

Baked Feta Mac & Cheese

Just as the baked feta pasta recipe was easy to throw together, so is this baked mac and cheese. This method follows the same directions as the initial baked pasta trend, adding feta to the center of a baking dish. The only difference is this cheese is surrounded by dry macaroni, half and half, and water. This version is also made spanakopita-style, using spinach and phyllo dough to mimic the flavors of the classic Greek savory pie.

Mac & Doritos Cheese

The key ingredient to this TikTok mac and cheese is Doritos. Adding a layer of these crushed-up chips gives your cheesy pasta a little crunch. Plus, the chips and pasta are broiled together, so the entire top coating of cheese and Doritos is extra crispy when it comes out.

Mac & Brie Cheese Wheel

TikToker @nicole_thenomad calls their recipe, "mac and cheese 2.0," and for good reason. Their method includes cutting a hole out of the center of a wheel of brie. After scooping out some cheese on the inside to make a small well, they fill their brie with mac and cheese — but that's not all. The wheel and pasta are then wrapped in puff pastry dough and baked in the oven. When this gourmet bun comes out, you have extra bread and extra cheese to enjoy your dish with.

Mac & Cheese Cones

If you've ever munched on the mac and cheese cones at Disneyland, you know how enjoyable it is to walk around with your pizza crust and cheesy bites. Now, you can bring some of the magic of Disney home with you by recreating these TikTok mac and cheese cones. By making a cone-shaped mold out of aluminum foil, you can fold your Pillsbury pizza dough around the foil, achieving the perfect container to house your whimsical mac and cheese.

Mac & Cheese Pizza

As a pizza lover, you love testing out new variations on a classic pie, and this mac and cheese pizza is no exception. You can easily mash these weeknight staples together by cooking your mac and cheese in a skillet, topping with marinara sauce, more cheese, and your fave pizza toppings. This hybrid dish is easy to whip up and even easier to polish off.