Here's How Celebrity Parents Are Teaching Their Kids About Racism In The U.S.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police on May 25 brought even more attention to the deep-rooted issues of racial injustice in the United States. It kicked off nationwide protests calling to to end unchecked police brutality against Black people and systematic racism once and for all. Celebrities have been among the millions of people protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and their voices aren't going unnoticed. These quotes from celebrity parents about teaching kids about racial injustice will inspire you.

Social media has been a huge source when it comes to speaking out and raising awareness about racism and racial injustice in the U.S. Many celebs have also used their platforms to detail how they plan to educate their children about those topics moving forward in hopes their children and their followers' children will be part of the solution. From personal stories about dealing with racism to reflections on white privilege, celebs are not remaining silent about the need for equality in the United States, especially when it comes to discussing it with their children.

1. tWitch & Allison Holker: Acknowledge Your Different Experiences

During a "check your privilege" TikTok challenge, Allison Holker and her husband Stephen "tWitch" Boss reflected on their very different experiences with racism as individuals, and their shared experience raising a biracial, Black son.

During the discussion, Holker's white privilege was put on full display as she didn't relate to any of the scenarios brought up that impact Black people on a daily basis. That is, until the last question came up. "Put a finger down if you have ever had to teach your child how not to get killed by the police," a voice can be heard saying, as Holker finally puts a finger down.

2. Jamie Foxx: Explain The Importance Of Protesting

Jamie Foxx's experience protesting with his children filled him with conflicting emotions because while he was proud to see his kids get involved and fight for change, he knew it was his responsibility to make sure they knew the complex reasons why they were protesting.

"Having my kids with me at the protest was bitter sweet," Foxx wrote on Instagram. "Having them watch the world come together was beautiful… But having to explain to them why we were all there was heartbreaking... let’s change the world so they don’t have to live in it the way we have been...

3. Shay Mitchell: Learn From the Outlook of a Baby

Mitchell shared a powerful statement about her hope for the next generation, likening a baby's view of the world to how all people should see others, while stressing that racist views start to be learned at home.

"I am hopeful that the next generation will abandon the prejudices of the past, and embrace and accept people based on who they are, versus the colour of their skin," she wrote. "Black or White. It doesn’t matter. All [my daughter, Atlas,] sees are people who love her. Racism is a learned behavior. It starts and stops at home."

4. Kourtney Kardashian: Keep the Conversation Alive

Kardashian reflected on the importance of opening up the conversation about racism and privilege with her kids early, and urged other parents to put more effort into learning more Black history (and not just in February) and the current state of racism in America.

"The pain and suffering inflicted by racism is not a thing of the past and I bare the responsibility to speak with my kids honestly and often about it, even when the truth is uncomfortable," she wrote. "I have to make sure they understand what it means to have white privilege and to take the time to learn and discuss Black History, beyond just one short month out of the year."

5. Kylie Jenner: Keep Speaking Out

Jenner wrote a message to her followers about how today's situation makes her scared for her Black daughter's future, and why it's important to keep speaking out about racism until we see the change this country needs.

"I fear for my daughter and i hope for a better future for her," she wrote. "My heart breaks for George Floyd’s family and friends. Don’t let his name be forgotten. keep sharing, keep watching, keep speaking out, because it’s the only way we can come together to help bring this much needed change and awareness. Rest In Peace, George Floyd."

6. Reese Witherspoon: Teach Children to Be Part of the Solution

After having a heartbreaking conversation with her son about the killing of George Floyd, Witherspoon shared how it's her mission to keep the conversation with her kids alive and raise children who make a difference.

"Last night at dinner, my 7-year-old asked why all the grown ups were so upset," she wrote. "We spoke to him about what happened to George Floyd. Being a white mother trying to explain racism and bigotry to her white son, who did not understand why anyone would treat another human being that way, was heartbreaking. But not nearly as heartbreaking as being a victim of one of these senseless, violent, unconscionable crimes. Not nearly as heartbreaking as being one of the families who have experienced loss and harassment and discrimination daily. Not nearly as heartbreaking as being a mother who lives in fear of what will happen to her children in this world."

Witherspoon went on to explain why it's important to speak to your children about racism. "We have to be held accountable for what is happening in this country," she added. "Please talk to your children about racism, privilege, bigotry and hate. If you aren’t talking to them, someone else is."

7. Khloé Kardashian: Stop The Cycle

After Khloé addressed the killing of Floyd, she acknowledged that she's privileged "in more ways than one," which is why she's making it her mission to be a part of the solution to stop the cycle of racism we see in the U.S.

"No mother should live in fear like that, and as I think about my own daughter, my future children, and all of our children, I know that we have to create a better future for them," she wrote. "One filled with love, light, and compassion, not one filled with hatred and ignorance, and I vow to continue to teach my daughter every single day, and with every opportunity I get, to have love for others, regardless of the color of their skin, their sexuality or their religious beliefs. People are not born racist, they are taught these beliefs, and we must do our part to stop this cycle and put an end to racism in this country."

8. Jessica Alba: Have Difficult Conversations Early

Alba, explained to People that it's important to get a jump-start on difficult conversations about racism when kids are young.

"When I see all of the hateful, racist activity that has been happening, you realize what really matters," she said. "Honor and Haven are online more than ever, so they're exposed to this. And my kids are Black and Mexican so there's a connection to what's happening."

She added: "You have to have these conversations that feel difficult when it comes to equality and social justice. All these conversations can be had and you can start early with them. I did. Because that's how you're going to give them the fire to make sure that that isn't their reality."

9. Kristen Bell: Raise Children Who Are Anti-Racist

During an interview with The Morning Beat, Bell revealed that she's having conversations about the Black Lives Matter movementwith her kids in an effort to raise kids that aren't just not racist, but also anti-racist.

"I showed my daughters some of the images that are happening right now, because I think that they have more durability and more resilience than we give them credit for," she said. "And we had a very honest, hard, uncomfortable conversation about what was happening right now. Because I will — you can put it on my gravestone — I will raise anti-racists. I will talk about it with them forever."

10. Jennifer Lopez: Get Your Kids Involved

Lopez was impressed by her children's encouragement for her to use her platform for change. The singer detailed how she had a conversation about racial injustice with her kids ahead of a protest she attended in Los Angeles, and they ended up helping her prepare for the protest.

"Today I had Emme and Max make me and Alex a sign for the protest," she wrote. "Max told me a few days ago: 'you know mom, since you have a following like some of my YouTuber gamers and they ask us to support things and we do, you should do that for George Floyd.' I said, 'funny you say that baby, I am planning a few things. Do you want to help by making a sign?' And they did!! We talked about how if one person doesn’t have justice then no one does. That this country was built on the belief of freedom and justice for all. We must take a stand for what we believe in and fight against the injustices in this world. So we continue to peacefully protest until there is change."