'The Office' Halloween Episode Costumes Are So, So Meta & We Love It


The Office was one of the best shows of the past few decades, and we still miss seeing Dunder Mifflin shenanigans on our TV screens every week, years after the finale. Alas, the show lives on in Netflix and our hearts, and it's nearly impossible to get sick of watching the lovable and ridiculous cast of characters in action. Some of the most memorable Office episodes focused on Halloween. In the spirit of shows such as Roseanne and The Simpsons, The Office made it a point to celebrate the holiday. The Office Halloween costumes through the years became legendary, and I personally always got excited wondering what the employees would dress up as for the episode every season.

The thing about the Office costumes is that they usually summed up the character who wore them to a T. They were often self-referential or even just a psychological reflection of the person who chose them, whether they seemed aware of it or not. Even if the costumes were pop culture-related or zeitgeist relevent, they made sense and revealed so much. Kudos to those writers for understanding exactly what the characters would want to be while giving a glimpse to who they actually were on the inside. There are so many Office Halloween costumes to love, but I happen to have a few faves.

Two-Headed Michael

Michael's biggest fan is Michael. Naturally, his dream would to clone himself and be as present in his co-workers' lives as physically possible. And while we're sort of shocked he was able to pull off a paper mache craft with such precision, of course he would spend, like, more than a week planning so he could be most talked-about costume at Dunder Mifflin.

Jim as "Face Book"

Jim just loves to be as lazy as possible. But he also wants to be witty at the same time, whether he likes to admit it or not. Writing book on your face so you can easily be Facebook (get it?) is just plain Jim-esque, even if he's referred to as Bookface.

Ryan as Justin Bieber

Over the years, Ryan proved himself to be the kind of guy who's hip to what the cool kids are doing. He made Blackberry use mandatory, started a social networking site, and got frosted tips. And his costumes mirrored that burning desire to keep it as young and relevant as he could get. Justin Bieber hasn't gone anywhere, but in 2010 he was one of the most talked-about celebs on the planet. Ryan's nod to the Biebs was pretty much perfect, and Kelly's Snooki wasn't half-bad either.

Erin as Wendy

Erin was like the Pollyanna of The Office, even if she had the tendency to go Dark Erin sometimes. We weren't surprised that she channeled a corporate logo for her costume, especially one whose trademark attitude so closely resembles her sunny disposition.

Three Hole Punch Jim

Is an explanation really necessary? In the tradition of making a point to not make too much of a point, Jim applies minimal work and maximum passive-aggressive snark with this three hole punch version of himself. Bonus points to him for referencing a utensil that probably gets a lot of name recognition in an office that sells actual paper.

Stanley's Mask

Leave it to Stanley to find a way to sleep at his desk while nobody is the wiser. The man doesn't even like Halloween, but he's going to use it to his advantage.

Whatever Is Going On With Creed

Um, yeah. We all know Creed does some shady stuff in and outside the office confines. That moment he shows up with a blood-splattered shirt on what just happens to be Halloween is another piece in the wacky and mysterious puzzle that is his life.