'Stranger Things' Season 2 Theories About Hopper Will Get You Ready To Binge

In less than 10 days, Stranger Things Season 2 lands on Netflix, and all the conspiracy theorists will fire up their engines to deep dive into the government cover-ups happening in Hawkins, Indiana. But even before the new season arrives, fans are already chowing down on several new Stranger Things Season 2 theories about Hopper, and what our Chief of Police, who heretofore never had to worry about anything but the occasional owl mistaking an old lady's hair for a nest, will find himself dealing with this time.

Hopper has been the subject of a lot of debate from the beginning of the show. His complete laziness in the face of a missing little boy was shocking to some viewers, who wondered if Hopper might have been on the government payroll from the start. The loss of his daughter also fired up imaginations, wondering if his backstory could somehow be tied to the child kidnappings done by the CIA at the "Department of Energy" just down the road.

Let's run down a few of the biggest theories of what we might learn about Hopper next season.

Hopper Is The Head Of A Cover Up


At the end of Season 1, as Will Byers wakes up and everything begins the slow return to normality, Hopper steps out of the hospital and stands under the overhang, smoking a cigarette. As he does, a black Cadillac pulls up, the kind right out of a 1980s government conspiracy fever dream, the type driven by members of the "Dept of Energy." A strange bald headed man steps out, and opens the door, making it clear that Hopper will be getting in.

Hopper obeys.

What was Hopper picked up for? What did he agree to in that car? Was it the same deal he gave Dr. Brenner in the lab, that none of this happened? And whatever did happen, he would make sure that the CIA would be left out of this, as long as Eleven disappeared, and everyone else was left alive?

If so, how hard will it be for Hopper to keep that deal in place, as Eleven returns, and the Upside Down threatens Hawkins once again?

Hopper's Daughter Is A Major Plot Point


Then there's Sarah. Some believe she and Eleven are the same girl, but that seems far fetched. I am far more likely to go with the idea that she's actually one of the other children from the lab, Numbers "001" - "010."

If Sara comes up as a plot point this season, I wouldn't be surprised if it was in that capacity. Learning his daughter had been stolen would cause Hopper to become even more of a father figure to Eleven. It would also ruin whatever his deal is with the government.

Hopper's Lando Moment Won't Be Forgotten


Dustin spent the entire last two episodes of the first season convinced Hopper was going to turn on them, and he wasn't wrong. Hopper did sell the kids down the river to Dr. Brenner, thinking that the government might leave the other three boys be.

As we know, that wasn't Brenner's plan. He would have killed all three of the boys if the Demogorgon hadn't gotten him first. Mike and Lucas seem to think the scientists found them without Hopper's help, but Dustin knows better. What happens if it gets out Dustin was right?

Hopper Will Wind Up Taking Care Of Eleven

To be frank, Hopper is already taking care of Eleven. He's leaving her Eggos and Christmas party leftovers in the woods for her to come out of the Upside Down and eat. With Season 2 promising a return for our favorite mind control weapon to Hawkins, is it so much of a stretch to see Hopper slowly decide to adopt her this season?

Note that the trailer above clearly shows Eleven arriving at bio-mom Terry Ives' house. If that reunion goes as badly as some expect, Eleven will be looking for a father figure. And here's Hopper, looking for someone to fill that Sarah shaped hole in his heart. If the pieces fit...

Stranger Things Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.