Keke Palmer hits the red carpet.

Keke Is Cracking Everyone Up With Her New Southern Belle Insults TikTok

Steven Ferdman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Keke Palmer is one funny lady, but she may have just outdone herself with her latest social media antics. Palmer created a TikTok page entirely dedicated to shady Southern Belle insults, and it's required viewing for fans of the actress. Keke Palmer's Southern Belle Insults TikTok is pure internet gold.

Palmer has a personal TikTok page of her own which is chock full of hilarious videos, but her page for her southern-socialite alter ego is truly something else. The TikTok account, @southernbelleinsults, puts Palmer's no-holds-barred humor on full display. The account currently boasts over 58k followers and comes with a very telling bio. "There is no b*tch, like a Southern b*tch. Starring Keke Palmer," her intro reads.

The videos all feature a super shady alter ego of Palmer, whom she named "Lady Miss Jacqueline," a wealthy Southern socialite with a spitfire personality. One of Palmer's videos depicts an intense wedding day feud between two friends where Lady Miss Jacqueline quite literally steals a bride's husband on her wedding day. "Have you met Lady Miss Jacqueline?(@kekepalmer ) She is THE lady about town," Palmer captioned the video. It's literally the new reality show everyone needs on their television screen, stat!

In another one of her shade-filled videos, Lady Miss Jacqueline roasted a friend's new hair 'do.

The first "Southern Belle Insults" TikTok video dates back to Aug. 5, but it wasn't the first time fans met Palmer's alter ego. She's been serving up hilarious videos with her Lady Miss persona since 2018. On Dec. 6 of that year, she introduced the world to her snarky alias with an Instagram video.

Lady Miss isn't the first alter ego Palmer has introduced to fans. She also often steps into the shoes of Chelsea "Barbie" Taylor, a life coach known for her dramatic mirror affirmations. In fact, fans loved the Barbie videos so much, Palmer created an entire Facebook show dedicated to the satirical character.

No one is more brutal than Lady Miss, though, who's quickly become one of the most ruthless characters on TikTok. That being said, Palmer's videos are all in good fun, and the TikTok community is loving everything about it.