Jojo Siwa rocks a sparkly red outfit.

Jojo Siwa Had The Most Extra Jojo Siwa-Themed Birthday Party, Y'all

TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

JoJo Siwa is another year older, but don't think for a minute she's switching up her playful, over-the-top aesthetic. As she rang in her 17th year, Siwa looked colorful as ever, and hosted an epic birthday party at home. The kicker? Her party was entirely themed after herself. Fans got their own invite to the bash when she shared a video clip of the celebration for all to see. Jojo Siwa's TikTok of her Jojo Siwa-themed birthday party was so on-brand for her.

As one would expect, Siwa's b-day party was filled with glitter and rainbow colors — a pure sensory overload. As she rang in he birthday, no one was more excited than Siwa herself, who decked out her house entirely in JoJo Siwa-themed products. Yep, she went all out with decor featuring her own face, including plates, napkins, cups, balloons, and branded ice cream.

"I'm just saying, it's pretty cool to me that it's my 17th birthday and I can have my own-themed birthday party," she said while showing off her decor. "Like, I can have a JoJo Siwa-themed birthday. JoJo Siwa can have a JoJo Siwa-themed birthday, and this isn't just any kind of, you know, my own-themed birthday party. This is like, actually legit."

You can check out her JoJo Siwa-themed party for yourself below.

According to Siwa, fans can also have a Jojo-themed birthday party of their own at home. "All this stuff is available at Target, Walmart, Party City... you name it, it's there. That's pretty cool. I like it," she said.

Siwa's flashy outfit consisted of a bedazzled jumpsuit and a blinged-out pair of sunglasses. Clearly, she's letting recent shade about her aesthetic roll right off her shoulders. She clapped back at haters on April 25 with a TikTok video explaining she's not changing her ways for anyone.

As Siwa celebrates her 17th birthday, it's nice to see she's still marching to the beat of her own drum.