Sasha Obama's Plans To Start College Seem Pretty Traditional

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It seems like just yesterday Malia Obama started her first day at Harvard University, but the second Obama daughter is soon to be on her way to halls of higher learning. Back in 2016, Malia made headlines for her decision to take a gap year — an increasing trend among recent high school graduates hoping to take a breather before beginning the next step in their education. So it seems reasonable to wonder if her little sister is planning something similar. Now that she’s gotten high school out of the way, is Sasha Obama also planning to take a gap year? It looks like she's going a pretty traditional route.

As of late August 2019, the Obamas haven't released any plans for their daughter to be traveling before starting school, so it seems pretty likely that the youngest Obama is going to be making the traditional jump right from high school to college. The Obama press office did not immediately reply to Elite Daily’s request for comment about any Obama plans to take a gap year. Hey, listen, the faster you start, the faster you graduate, right?

On June 9, Obama graduated from Sidwell Friends School, a highly selective private Quaker school in Washington D.C., alongside close friend and former Vice President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Maisy. The school’s notable alumni include a range of prominent politicians’ children, from her sister Malia, to Chelsea Clinton, to Richard Nixon’s daughters. Obama turned 18 the day after graduating.

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Malia, who joined her parents at the ceremony, finished her second year at Harvard this year. Just about three years ago, her family announced that she would be taking a gap year, during which she traveled the globe and practiced her Spanish, according to publications including The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune. She spent the summer of 2016 interning at the U.S. Embassy in Spain, traveled to Peru and Bolivia, and took on another internship position in the entertainment industry upon her return.

Sasha and Malia entered the White House back in 2009, when they were only 7 and 10 years old, respectively. As children, prior to their White House stint, they attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in their parents’ beloved city of Chicago. Since, they’ve grown up in the public eye, but not under full public surveillance. Their parents and the Obama White House committed to publicly speaking about the daughters as little as possible, both during and after their eight years in office.

The family has yet to confirm where she will be attending college, but rumor has it that Obama will be headed to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Page Six first reported in December 2018 that Obama may have announced the news in a private Instagram caption. U.S. News ranks the University of Michigan the fourth top public university in the country, and the school’s business programs have also been ranked among the nation’s best.

It’s unclear whether Obama will be moving in this fall or holding off, but judging by the family’s silence, a gap year doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. Either way, hopefully her father will be a bit less of a mess during move-in, now that he’s gone through it once with her sister. He’s famously likened the process of dropping his daughter off at college to an emotional “open-heart surgery,” but thankfully we have former first lady Michelle, who can take on the bulk of the actual work while he cries in the corner.

No matter where she's off to, congrats to Obama on starting this next phase of her life! Good luck with those 8 a.m. lecture halls.