Are Double Texts Annoying? 13 Women Weigh In On How They Really Feel About Them


You don't mind when your best friend blows up your phone. Honestly, if she doesn't send you a novel-length series of texts, tag you in a dozen memes, or ping you on Facebook Messenger and Gchat simultaneously, are you even friends? But when it comes to communicating with a bae you just recently met or matched with, the rules are different. Double texts can be annoying. Or you might not mind them, but only under certain circumstances.

Here, 13 women tell Elite Daily how they really feel about getting hit with multiple texts back-to-back.

Most people agreed that it's fine and normal to send new sentences in separate texts — like, one text bubble per thought. A lot of people noted that pretty much anything goes if they're really into someone. And everyone emphasized that a stream of texts after you've already made it clear you're not interested in anything is just a simple "no."

If you're searching for hard rules about how to text a woman, well, sorry. I can't offer you that. Nobody can. Everyone has their own set of preferences, and even those can change depending on their mood, the context of the conversation, their interest level, the platform (iMessages vs. Instagram DMs), and a million other factors. If you're feeling lost, take a close look at how the lady in question texts (long paragraphs or short bites?) and mirror her tactics.

But for a general consensus, keep reading. These 13 women won't let you down.

This Woman Loves Getting Double Texts

— Elle, 29

Don't Even Consider Double Texting This Woman If She's Not Into You

— Catie, 26

This Woman Agrees — It Depends On Her Interest Level

— Mikayla, 21

It All Comes Down To A Connection IRL

— Simone, 23

Some Women DGAF, As Long As You're Not Playing Games

— Sarah, 27

This Woman Loves It — A Lot

— Catherine, 22

Double Texts Are NBD, Unless They Get Super Aggressive

— Isabel, 21

Spacing Out Texts Can Work As Punctuation

— Mandy, 20

This Woman Never Over-Thinks It

— Sydnee, 25

Double Texts Can Be Pulled Off With Kindness

— Jocelin, 24

This Woman Doesn't Want To Be Bombarded With Texts From Near-Strangers

— Hannah, 20

What About Talking On The Phone

— Tess, 23

TBH, It Depends On The Circumstances

— Shannon, 24

While everyone's texting style is a little bit different, one thing is clear: You're not gonna blow up your future with someone who likes you just because you sent two texts in a row. Go forth and send — no one will care.

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