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You'll Marvel Over These 'WandaVision'-Inspired Makeup Challenge Vids On TikTok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking the internet by storm again, and this time the Scarlet Witch and Vision are to blame. The duo has captured the hearts of fans, who have religiously tuned into Disney+'s WandaVision on Friday nights, and recorded their theories for TikTok the next day. Next to jaw-dropping theories, some TikTokers are also sharing WandaVision-inspired TikTok makeup challenge videos you'll totally marvel over.

Each WandaVision-inspired makeup challenge video starts with a user showing off their bare face to an audio clip from the show. Some users have put their video to "WandaVision!" by Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez, from the Episode 2 soundtrack. Others have used a cute clip from the show created by @edits_marveel, where the couple talks about how they don't have a particular song, or even wedding rings.

As the chosen audio clip goes on, each user transforms one side of their face into a black-and-white Wanda, complete with a curled bob, and the other to an in-color Wanda with a red lip and matching red hair. Between the two is a scattered line, which may remind you of Wanda's telekinetic powers. In the spirit of being creative, a couple of TikTokers have expanded the makeup challenge to include Vision, too. They've used red and yellow eyeshadow and their favorite brushes to turn into the character — including the robotic lines and signature Mind Stone, of course.

These WandaVision-inspired TikTok makeup challenge videos will give you a taste of the challenge, so you can either participate in it yourself, or keep an eye out for it on your #ForYou page.

This Video Will Get You Up To Speed

First up is this Vision-ary video by @lucymayo_makeup that'll take your breath away. They start their makeup challenge by delicately painting a jagged, white line on their face, which will separate the two versions of Wanda. Then, they start painting their shoulders and chest to look like Wanda's outfits, before finishing up the makeup on their face.

The video is a great way to familiarize yourself with the whole challenge, before moving onto other transformations.

This Video Is A Total Transformation

If you've come across TikToker @dom.skii on your #ForYou page before, then you know they are the master of makeup. They've turned themselves into Mario, a pink tiger, and even the peach emoji. Their entry in the WandaVision challenge is another awesome transformation on their profile that you'll want to watch over and over again.

This Video Features The Lovable Duo

You can't have Wanda without Vision, and @tinizzle__ knows it. Instead of splitting their face up into two versions of Wanda, they dedicated one side to Vision. They start by drawing out a basic outline on their face. Then, they begin applying layers of red to each side.

If you decide to film your own WandaVision makeup challenge video, consider including both members of the lovable duo, as well as the steps you took to reach your final product.

This Video Is All About Vision

Sorry, Wanda. This makeup challenge video is all about Vision, and we're here for it. It's not that we don't adore the Avenger, known as the Scarlet Witch, and all of her magical powers. It's just that @rubysbeauty_6 put it all on the table with their look.

Once you've picked your jaw off the floor, watch some of their other videos that feature other members of the MCU, including Deadpool, Gamora, and Captain America.

This Video Is Actually A Couples' Challenge

Couples who tune into WandaVision together should definitely try out this makeup challenge together. If you and your SO are both fans, then take notes out of @luis.valladaressss' playbook.

They transformed into Wanda and Vision in Episode 6, which is the episode where the duo dresses up for Halloween. The user and their partner took time to recreate the makeup looks and the costumes. We have no choice but to stan.

This Video Sticks To A Colorful Wanda

At this point, you may be thinking, "I have to try this challenge." Don't let a lack of time or the right palettes stop you. Dress up your face like colorful Wanda's, and pose confidently for your camera. TikToker @rayasharmaa does a great job of showing you how you can keep things simple, and casually show your love for WandaVision.

This Video Takes On A Different Character

From Agatha to Geraldine, there are plenty of other characters in WandaVision that deserve a shoutout on TikTok. That's why @jc_pennny97 decided to transform into Monica Rambeau. It's a look you could honestly sport with a jumpsuit or brightly colored pants, and features blue eyeshadow galore.

This Video Is Nothing Short Of Magical

When creating their WandaVision look, @llumosmakeup used the show's art as inspo. They ultimately painted their chest, as well as around their eyes, and it's nothing short of magical. It's clear that this TikToker is not only a major fan of WandaVision, but is also incredibly talented.