7 Dirty-Talk Texts To Send On Valentine's Day 2019 To Get Your SO’s Heart Pumping

Valentine's Day gets kind of a bad rep. It's often considered a little corny, but I blame bad marketing. It seems like it's all just a pink, red, wide-awake nightmare, full of compulsory chocolate shopping and flowers galore. But, if you can shut some of that out and get back to what V-day is really about, it's actually pretty awesome. It’s about loving your SO and getting a little extra-freaky with them, too. To kick off a celebration worthy of "Most Romantic Day Of The Year," set the tone with a few dirty-talk texts to send on Valentine's Day 2019. Because why would you want another teddy bear grasping at a stuffed red heart that reads "Be Mine" like it's in an actual hostage video, when you could have what you really want. (Orgasms. Oh, and a partner that really knows how much you care about them.)

See? When you look at Valentine's Day that way, suddenly it really does seem like a holiday worth celebrating. So, to kick things off on the right note, let bae know what's on your mind by sending them a message that's guaranteed to... ahem... get them on the same page. Not sure what to say? No problem. Here are some dirty Valentine's Day themed texts to help you get inspired.

1. For the partner who doesn’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I know you think you don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but tonight I'm going to show you why it’s your new favorite holiday — over and over.

If your partner is the type who's cynical about this holiday (and really, who can blame them?), then it's time to show them the true spirit of the season. This message lets them know that this V-Day is going to be a very special night to remember.

2. If you want to savor the seasonal flavor.

I want to taste you melt in my mouth like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolate.

Hey, it’s Valentine's Day! If there was ever a day to really let your freak flag fly and let bae know just how much you want them, this is it.

3. Tricks and treats aren’t just for Halloween anymore.

Baby, I’ve got more sexy surprises and tricks up my sleeve than a Whitman’s Sampler, and tonight you’re going to experience them all.

If you’re ready to roll out all the tricks and treats in the bedroom this year, then don’t be shy about letting your SO know. That way, they’ll be just as excited to celebrate as you are.

4. Have some sexy fun with puns.

Your heart isn’t the only one of your organs that's going to be throbbing tonight when you get your Valentine’s Day gift.

No one has ever accused Valentine's Day of being a subtle holiday, so why should you be? Embrace it and let your Valentine know exactly what you want.

5. Share your holiday wishlist with bae.

All I want for V-Day is for you to eat me like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Sometimes the best way to ring in a holiday is by giving... and sometimes it's by receiving. Just sayin'.

6. Give them a naughty preview.

Looking forward to tonight — when I’ll get to cherub all over your body. Get it… cher-rub, you know, because it’s Valentine’s Day!

Can't go wrong with a good (read: bad) dad joke, can ya?

7. Tonight the quickest way to their heart, is through their pants.

How do I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, here’s a hint: It involves you with nothing but your “heart-on.”

Who said Valentine's day has to be a capitalist money grab? Nope, the best things about this holiday come for free. Emphasis on come. Want your Valentine’s Day to be red hot? Send them one of these texts and see if you don’t end up celebrating so hard, even Cupid ends up blushing.