6 Tinder Situations When ‘Reactions’ Are Literally The Only Appropriate Response

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By now you’ve probably heard about Tinder’s new Reactions feature. That is, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re in a ~relationship~ and are out of touch with how singles meet people these days. In which case, do us a solid and kindly remove your happiness from the public sphere. Please and thank you!

But back to Tinder Reactions (aka our latest obsession). Anyone who has ever used Tinder will tell you that messaging back and forth with a match can feel like a roller coaster. One minute you’re talking about the town where you grew up, and the next he’s regressed to the emotional maturity level of a 13-year-old.

Regardless of the nitty gritty details, one thing’s for sure: There are certain Tinder moments when text and basic emojis just don’t cut it.

Enter Tinder Reactions, the new screen-takeovers that we can’t stop sending to our matches. Whether we’re swooning so hard that we just have to send the hearts Reaction, or we’re so thoroughly grossed out that only the “really…?!” button Reaction will do, there’s truly a Reaction for every type of conversation.

Reactions are designed for women, by women, and we seriously don’t know how we ever dealt with the men of the world before they existed.

So, next time you’re left speechless by a message your match sends to you, sit back, relax, and let Tinder Reactions do the talking for you.

Here are six Tinder situations when Reactions are the only appropriate response.

1. When He Opens With A Terrible Pickup Line


You already know that any dude whose first message to you is, “Are you my appendix? Because…” probably isn’t worth your time.

But instead of giving the silent treatment to all those embarrassing pickup lines and gross punchlines, you can just throw a virtual drink in his face with the martini glass Reaction.

Extra dirty, please!

2. When He Messages You But Then Disappears


This is a behavior that is truly unexplainable. Reaching out with no intention of continuing a conversation seems like a colossal waste of time (not to mention LTE data).

So, when Houdini disappears after you respond to the dumb GIPHY that he sent, there’s nothing more suitable than a tasteful eye roll Reaction to accurately convey how over it you are.

3. When You Become Pen Pals


It’s happened to the best of us. After messaging with someone for days or weeks, learning everything from his college major to his favorite neighborhood bar, he STILL hasn’t asked you to meet up.

In this situation, a simple “ball’s in your court” Reaction says more than you ever could.

4. When He Won’t Stop Bragging


This is something that seems to happen all the time — and it’s not cute. There’s nothing worse than a guy who goes on and on about his fat bank account, what great shape he’s in, how dope his job is…essentially implying that you’re lucky to even be messaging with a god like him.

If your conversation reads more like him rattling off his resume than the two of you getting to know each other, hit him with the “really…?!” button Reaction, and pray that he gets the (not so subtle) hint.

5. When He Gives You A Thoughtful And Respectful Compliment


You know when a guy on Tinder gives you a totally sweet compliment that DOESN’T make your skin crawl? Yes, this is something that happens, and when it does you need to roll with it.

If he catches you off-guard by saying something super cute, don’t just respond with “thanks!” Instead, take over his screen with the hearts Reaction.

Two words: cuteness overload.

6. When He Makes A Weird Joke And You Realize You Have The Same Sense Of Humor


There are certain situations when a simple “lol” or “haha” just won’t cut it. For example, when your match cracks a joke so spot-on and off-color that you realize you’re on the same weird page, humor-wise.

When your match manages to strike your funny bone, nothing but the laughing Reaction will suffice. He’s earned it.

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